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Submit a portfolio for our Design Honours programmes

Applying for a Level 8 Design course? Here's what you need to know about submitting a portfolio.
Submitting a portfolio to Griffith College



Our portfolio submission process is simple.

If you’re planning to apply for one of our Design Honours programmes in Design Communications, Fashion Design or Interior Architecture, you’ll be starting to think about submitting a portfolio.

Watch our video to find exactly what we expect from a portfolio, how to book an assessment and what to expect during your portfolio review.

You can also download our portfolio guidelines.

Portfolio assessments for 2021 are scheduled to take place on the below days:

  • Friday 26th Feb
  • Friday 26th March
  • Friday 23rd April
  • Friday 28th May
  • Friday 25th June
  • Friday 27th August

To book a portfolio assessment, simply complete our online booking form.

For further information on the above, or any of our Design programmes, please contact [email protected].