5 reasons to do a postgraduate law course

Law lecturers on the Griffith College Dublin campus

There are as many reasons to do a postgraduate course as there are postgraduate students. Many students take on postgraduate study to further understand a subject about which they are deeply passionate. Some want to change direction with new skills and academic knowledge. Many, though, are hoping to propel their careers forward by obtaining a higher degree.

A Master of Laws degree, or LL.M., is an internationally-recognised degree, and in some countries, it's necessary to practice law. LL.M. students will develop their academic abilities, enhance their communication and research skills, and prepare for career progress or even Ph.D. study.

At Griffith College, we offer three different LL.M. programmes, each focusing on a different area of law. Students can choose any of these programmes:

With small classes that provide more individual attention and experienced lecturers, all experts in their fields, students are positioned for success from the moment they arrive.

Find your area of expertise

Many lawyers choose to focus on a specific area of the law, such as human rights law, corporate law, international law etc. Choosing to specialise in an area that interests you will not only ensure you pursue a career that motivates you on a personal level, but will also set you apart from other graduates.

Change or refocus your career path

If you’ve already started your legal career but are considering a change, an LL.M. is a great way to do just that. Griffith’s LL.M. programmes can be completed part-time, meaning you can continue working whilst refocusing your career in a relatively short space of time.

Extend your network

Never underestimate the networking potential of your college or university. Studying a postgraduate degree, whether that’s at the same institution as your undergraduate degree or a different one, gives you the opportunity to extend your network through new peers, professors and alumni.

More opportunities to add to your CV

With a multitude of extra-curricular activities available to law students at Griffith College, an LL.M. offers you plenty of opportunities to add to your experience and boost your CV. Opportunities include partaking in national and international debating and mooting competitions, the Innocence Project, internships and much more.

Boost your earning potential

Although not the only contributing factor, having an LL.M. could certainly give you scope to increase your salary, particularly if you have skills that set you apart from others. Unlike other LL.M. programmes, Griffith’s teach candidates about the law both in Ireland and internationally. Having those additional years of academia under your belt, as well as a more diverse understanding of different countries’ legal systems, will make you stand out from the crowd and ultimately give you more bargaining power. 

There are countless reasons to take on postgraduate law studies, and the Faculty of Law at Griffith College offers a number of them - get in touch to see if one is right for you!

Interested in Law?

If you think a postgraduate course in law could be the right next step on your professional path, why not have a look at our faculty's offerings?