Exploring Sustainable Fashion at The Rediscovery Centre

Rediscovery Centre Fashion trip

Exploring The Rediscovery Centre in the heart of Dublin, our Fashion Design students got to see the exciting fusion between fashion and sustainability. This innovative hub of eco-consciousness welcomed them into a world where creativity and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Through guided tours and hands-on workshops, our students were busy with the art of upcycling, turning discarded denim into stunning fashion statements. 

The visit encouraged our group to reflect on the fashion industry’s environmental impact and the importance of incorporating sustainability as designers. Armed with new inspirations and insights, the students returned with a renewed commitment to weaving eco-friendly practices into their designs.  

Rediscovery Centre Fashion trip

Trips such as these to The Rediscovery Centre are pivotal in a world where fast fashion can become a cost to the planet. This new generation of designers are committed to creating a more sustainable and eco-conscious world, one stitch at a time! 

Find out more about The Rediscovery Centre here: https://www.rediscoverycentre.ie/