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Study A Blended Law Degree At Griffith College

Griffith College is delighted to announce that their well-established Law Degree programme – the LL.B. (Hons) in Law - will now be available as a blended degree.

This programme, which is validated by QQI/HETAC at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications, will be delivered completely blended meaning classes are online with a mix of weekend study blocks, fostering a seamless and flexible learning experience.

Embracing Blended Learning

As a result of offering this blended law degree, Griffith College will be opening up access and therefore breaking down many barriers to those, who for either geographical, professional or personal reasons, would not otherwise have been in a position to study a law degree.

Griffith College is very proud to be at the forefront of embracing online and digital learning, particularly in an ever evolving and thriving area such as legal education. This approach is reflecting the call for wider access, flexibility and lifelong learning recommendations in national and international strategies for higher education.

Since 1998 Griffith College Law School has been fostering a close student community through small class sizes and excellent pastoral care, promoting a culture of commitment to enhanced teaching and learning, and this will continue on our LL.B. blended learning degree programme.

How Is The Blended LL.B. Course Delivered?

Our team of educators are committed to underpinning the learning experience with a pedagogically robust approach. With this blended programme, students will avail of flexible, well-structured and focused, higher level learning. Our aim is to promote access to legal education which will create exciting opportunities for the learner, now and into the future.

The delivery of the modules will follow the same structure, content and assessment as those physically attending the day and evening law degree programme. Therefore, all students, online or otherwise, will complete the same assessments and examinations. The main difference will be in how the learning is communicated, taught and facilitated. Students of the blended law degree programme will engage with the virtual learning environment with dedicated support at all levels to optimise the learning experience for all, they will also attend weekend blocks to allow them the contact needed with the lecturing team and fellow learners.

The learning experience will consist of weekly lecture video podcasts alongside various activities. Activities will vary from research using websites and e-journals, to online quizzes, and from Wiki projects and blogging to interactive discussion forums.

As a student, your learning experience will be seamless and rich with online participation and engagement. Therefore, collaboration with your fellow students will form a central part to the learning experience, inculcating the sense of student community which Griffith College prides itself on. This community experience will be enhanced through studying via the blended learning option students choose the programme for similar reasons, such as busy lifestyles, but your lecturing team will ensure full participation and communications from the very beginning of your study. For example, every four weeks all students will be required to participate in a live seminar online where you will engage in a tutorial style discussion with your lecturer and fellow classmates. Additionally, the online experience will be extremely well structured and clustered in a way to ensure easy access and navigation of learning resources.

So, What Is Required In Order To Take Part In This Blended Law Degree Programme?

A good laptop, access to broadband, and importantly, motivation, discipline and a commitment to succeed.

How To Apply For The Blended LL.B.

If you are interested in applying, you can do so here or if you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact the Programme Director, Anne Fitzpatrick [email protected] or alternatively contact our admissions office at [email protected]

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