Studying Fashion Design in Ireland

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A billion euro industry in Ireland alone, Fashion is one of the most exciting and creative industries to work in. Many assume that a fashion design degree only leads to becoming a designer, but we know that this diverse field offers so many other options. Find out more about studying fashion and where it could take you…

How long does it take to study fashion?

Most fashion design degrees are 3-4 years long. If you already have a portfolio, you might be able to skip necessary foundation studies but in general, a fashion degree will be no less than three years. If you don’t have a portfolio, you may wish to consider a fashion degree with a foundation year like Griffith’s BA in Fashion Design.

What will I learn with a fashion degree?

A good fashion design degree will teach learners a range of skills, both practical and theoretical. In Griffith’s fashion design courses, such as our BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, you will be taught everything from the basics of garment construction, sewing and drawing skills to more commercial subjects like branding, the business of fashion and photography. It’s important to remember that the fashion industry is a business. Our programmes combine the study of fashion and business, teaching learners a lot more than just how to create garments.

What can I do with a fashion degree?

A common misconception is that studying fashion design only leads to becoming a fashion designer but a billion-dollar industry cannot establish itself off of the work of one profession alone. There are a plethora of roles available outside the traditional design route. Some common jobs associated with a degree in fashion are:

  • Fashion buyer
  • Retail merchandiser
  • Textile designer
  • Fashion PR
  • Fashion journalism
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Pattern maker
  • Brand manager
  • Stylist
  • Marketing specialist


How to become a fashion designer in Ireland…

There is no formal certification required to become a fashion designer in Ireland but you will need a combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, knowledge of the fashion industry, and a healthy dose of perseverance. When considering a career as a fashion designer, it’s important to remember that means entering the business world. Behind the glamour of making clothes and hosting shows lies hard work, stringent deadlines and last-minute changes.

OK… so is a fashion degree worth it?

Whether you’re set on becoming a fashion designer in Ireland, or you just know you want to work in the industry, a fashion design degree will open your eyes to a whole host of careers you never knew existed. You might start out wanting to become a designer, but finish your degree with a passion for branding, or more interest in production. Equally, a course in fashion design could give you the confidence you need to develop your very own label. Not only that but using your study years to build your network can prove invaluable when starting your fashion design career or launching a brand.

Can I study fashion design online?

While it is possible to study some fashion courses online, at Griffith College we feel strongly about our design students having as much in-person time as possible. Simply sitting in a creative space or spending time with peers and lecturers can be beneficial for bouncing ideas and getting those creative juices flowing.

Is studying fashion design hard?

A fashion design degree requires passion and dedication. Learners are expected to dedicate significant time to their studies outside the classroom and given the practical nature of fashion design, people can underestimate the amount of work involved. That said, Griffith’s fashion design degrees are structured to assist you through the process, from learning the basics of sewing to developing your own six-piece collection.

Interested in Fashion?

Griffith College’s popular BA in Fashion Design and BA (Hons) in Fashion Design are available on a full-time basis at our Dublin campus. For more information about our 2022/2023 intake, email [email protected] or submit an online application here.