Tie-dye at home!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fashion Designer and Griffith College alumna Hannah Moran Jackson joined Ireland AM on Monday the 18th May. Hannah helped the presenters add some colour to their wardrobe with tips on how to tie-dye at home. Hannah studied with Griffith College achieving a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design graduating in 2017 and works for Primark as a designer.

Hannah was converted by the latest fashion trend on a recent trip to Los Angeles. After being converted during her travels, Hannah wanted to recreate this look but struggled to find the colour iterations that she desired. This led Hannah to produce her own tie-dye garments. 

Hannah wanted to bring some fun to isolation and gave an instructional demonstration to the presenters of Ireland AM. Hannah gave presenters a step-by-step run through, showing how to brighten up old garments by adding a splash of tie-dye colour. You can find some inspiration from Hannah’s tie-dye creations on her Instagram here.

Step-by-step how to tie-dye

  1. Using existing clothing such as socks/t-shirts
  2. Dampen garments to get the best results and help the dye travel through the garment
  3. Lay the garment out flat on a surface (plastic sheeting is an excellent idea to prevent a mess!)
  4. Choose your tie-dye method: Spiral, Sunburst, Stripes etc. Ideas here use elastic bands to secure the garment
  5. Apply the die to the garment using unique colours
  6. Let the garment dry for 6-8 hours
  7. Rinse the garment 
  8. Wash in the washing machine without using a detergent
  9. Dry — then show off your new style!

Watch the full video here

Hannah and fellow Griffith College alumni Cathy McEvoy have recently hit the headlines with their 'Headbands for Frontliners’ campaign. Hannah and Cathy have been making headbands for frontline medical professionals during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Utilising fabric remnants to make headbands and so far the duo have delivered 1,100 headbands for free. There is a GoFundMe page for donations to support material costs here.

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