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Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in International Human Rights Law

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in International Human Rights Law


Internationally recognised postgraduate diploma allowing specialisation in International Human Rights Law

The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in International Human Rights Law is available on both a full and part-time basis over a 1 or 2 year period. Lectures are held in the evening time to allow those who are working or have other day time commitments during the day to pursue the programme.

Please note: The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts​ in International Human Rights Law is a cognitive masters. In order to be eligible for the course you will need to possess the following:

2.2 degree in Law or a related discipline (that has a 50% legal component to the degree) or foreign equivalent ​

Relative work experience may also be taken into consideration.

Why Study International Human Rights Law at Griffith?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in International Human Rights Law offers students the opportunity to specialise in International Human Rights Law, to facilitate enhanced career opportunities and/ or to lay the foundations for PhD study.

  • Graduates of this programme will receive an internationally recognised Postgraduate Diploma in law.
  • Students will gain a firm understanding of the key principles of International Human Rights Law, for example, International Humanitarian Law, International Children's Rights Law and International Asylum and Immigration Law.
  • Students will acquire highly transferable skills attractive to a wide range of sectors outside law including in the civil or foreign service, or in the NGO sector.
  • A strong international focus gives students a key advantage when building a career in today's globalised legal landscape
  • All of our lecturers are experienced academics who are specialists in their field.

Course Highlights

  • Unique Human Rights international law focus
  • Experienced lecturers - experts in their field
  • Small class sizes - more individual attention to help you reach your personal potential
  • Evening time lectures - it is possible to obtain an LL.M. with work or other day time commitments

Intake Dates

We run two intakes for this course, in the Autumn and Spring.

  • September 2021*
    • New students will commence their course during the week starting 20 September.
  • February 2022*

*subject to sufficient numbers.


Why Study Law at Griffith College?


I relocated to Australia after completing my LL.M. It soon became apparent that my LL.M was highly regarded and relevant to a number of industries here. I have spent the last 2 years as a senior advisor for contracts and governance in a statutory authority engaged in civil aviation.


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