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Legal Aspects of Business (Taster Course)

Legal Aspects of Business (Taster Course)


This module is an introductory law module for business learners, which provides an overview of the Irish legal system.

The focus is on Irish law but many aspects of European Law is also highlighted and discussed.

Why study Legal Aspects of Business at Griffith College?

The primary and central focus of the module is the application of law within business structures after the skills and knowledge have been taught. The focus of this module is to provide learners with a comprehensive overview of the important aspects of law which affect businesses in operation in Ireland and the European Union.

  • Discuss the importance of law to the operation of business in Ireland
  • Identify, discuss and apply the sources of law, including where relevant EU law
  • Explain the nature and structure of the Irish legal system
  • Explain the essential aspects of the law of contract and recognise the essential features of the law of negligence
  • Explain the basic concepts of insurance and negotiable instruments
Course details
An Introduction to the Irish Legal System
  • The Sources of Law
  • The Court System including the structure of the Irish Court system
  • The jurisdiction of the Irish Courts and the changes under the Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013
Contract Law
  • Formation of contract: offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to create legal relations;
  • Terms of a contract, exclusions clauses;
  • Mistake, misrepresentation, undue influence;
  • Void, voidable and illegal contracts: understanding the difference;
  • Discharge of a contract: performance, breach, agreement and frustration;
  • Remedies for breach of contract
Law of Tort
  • The law of negligence, including negligent misstatement
  • Obligations under the Occupier’s Liability Legislation
Consumer Law
  • An overview of the Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Acts 1893-1980;
  • Consumer Act 2007 in particular misleading, aggressive and prohibited consumer practices;
Employment Law
  • Employee or an independent contractor
  • Essential terms in a contract of employment;
  • Overview of Employment legislation with a focus on:
  • Employment Equality
  • Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal
Business Law
  • Introduction to the Law of Insurance;
  • The Law of Agency including Commercial Agents
Company Law
  • Forms of business: partnerships, sole traders, private limited companies, public limited companies;
  • Incorporation and its consequences;
  • Corporate Governance: corporate structure, key company documentation, company meetings, ultra vires doctrine
  • Directors’ Duties;
  • Disqualification and restriction of Directors;
  • Insolvency: receivership, liquidations, winding up, examinership
Introduction to EU Law
  • Sources of EU law and structures of the EU
  • Free movement of workers, goods and services

Course Contacts

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 01 415 0429.


February 2020 - Dates available on request.

How to Apply

Entry Requirements 

Mature Students 

If you are 23 years or over from the 1st January of this year, you can apply for this course directly using the College’s online application form.

Under 23 Years 

Old Leaving Cert (Pre 2017)

Two Honours Level, Grade C3s or above and four Ordinary Level D3s (subjects to include a language, English, Irish or another language) or equivalent exam taken.

New Leaving Cert

2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades, to include a language (English, Irish or another language).

How to Apply

Directly to Griffith College Short Courses Department


Study Mode: Part-Time

Fee: EUR 535.00


Academic Progression

Further to completion of the Legal Aspects of Business module, learners are recommended to continue their studies at Griffith College by applying for our Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management or the BA (Hons) in Business Studies course.


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