Digital Signage

What is digital signage system?

Digital signage is a centrally controlled system. It is a content distribution platform which plays digital content to one or many displays or screens.

Intended for

Digital signage delivers information about campus WiFi, IT security tips and updates, latest information and updates from different Griffith Departments and Faculties.

How to use it?

Staff can request content to be displayed by emailing [email protected]. Please ensure the content is sent as a 16:9 image of high quality and that the message is appropriate for the target audience for it to be considered.


Xibo is a cloud based platform offering a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with the campus community through displays installed throughout the Griffith campus. Digital signs can be easily updated with text, graphics, videos (including streaming), and automatic event schedules.


Digital signage allows you to share images, videos, or websites on your Zoom Rooms screen when the room is not in a Zoom meeting. You can also create digital signage only rooms, for displaying content without deploying a full Zoom Room. If you add multiple images or websites to display, it will rotate through them and you can designate how long each displays. You can also set how long before and after scheduled meetings the content displays. Content can be set at a room, floor, location, or account level.