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Starting College - #MindYourSelfie

Starting college, or returning to college after a break, is exciting but it can also be challenging and make you feel stressed. Walk in my Shoes #MindYourSelfie Booklet has some great tips on minding your Mental Health and looking out for your friends while you settle in:

Connect with others
Stay in touch with family and friends, make plans with your roommates if you’re living away from home and sign-up for Students’ Union events to meet new people.

Reach out
Some of us can find settling in more difficult than others. If you think someone is struggling, make an extra effort to spend time with them and be there to listen if they’re feeling down.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay- Know the Facts
Remember that it’s perfectly normal to experience difficulties with your Mental Health. 1 in 4 people suffer from a Mental Health difficulty. Nearly 5% of all young people need help from a Mental Health Professional at some point.

How to Spot the Signs
The #MindYourSelfie College Guide outlines the warning signs that indicate that you, or someone you know, should seek help. These signs can be based on feelings, experiences, behaviours and actions. Educate yourself on the signs so that you know when to help yourself or others.

St Patrick’s Mental Health Service
For Free Support and Information, call 01 249 3333 or email [email protected]

Walk in my Shoes Helpline for 18-25 year olds
Call 01 249 3555 or email [email protected]

One Good Adult

There are plenty of ways to lift your mood when you're down, and only you know what works for you, whether it's music, exercise or spending time with friends. But if the things that usually make you feel better aren't working, speaking to someone you trust can help.