2020 IDI Graduate Design Awards: Meet Aisling Fitzgibbon

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Griffith College’s Faculty of Design was delighted to see three of our recent graduates shortlisted for the 2020 IDI Graduate Design awards, with two announced winners in their category. Given the huge impact COVID-19 had on learners, which was felt especially harshly by our Design students, we are particularly proud of our finalists.

To celebrate their efforts, over the coming weeks we will be running a series of interview pieces with our finalists to find out a little more about them, what makes them tick and what they’ve been up to since graduating.

The third and final in our Design graduate interview series is Aisling Fitzgibbon. Last, but by no means least, Aisling graduated from the college’s BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture in December 2020 and was shortlisted for her project ‘The Sensory Lab’ in the 2020 IDI Graduate Awards. Here we find out a little more about her and what she’s got planned for 2021.

Thanks for joining us, Aisling! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone! My name is Aisling FitzGibbon. I’m 24 years old, currently living in Ireland. I consider myself an expressive, experimental creative with a strong work ethic and passion for design.

What made you want to study Interior Architecture?

Creative expression always appealed to me and although I knew I wanted to do something in the creative field since I was young, I didn’t really know where to start. I took a gap year after sixth year and lived in Copenhagen trying to figure out just that. During my time there, I discovered my love of all things to do with interiors and architecture, so seeing that Griffith offered a course that combined the two was ideal.

What’s your favourite thing about the field?

I just love being able to have creative freedom in your own designs.

How did it feel to learn you were shortlisted for the IDI Awards?

I was over the moon to be shortlisted and felt like all my hard work had paid off!

Tell us a bit more about your project, The Sensory Lab, which was shortlisted for the awards.

For my final year thesis, I chose the topic "Can universal sensory design aid in healing spaces?" Through my research, I learned about the benefits of sensory design for the end-user and about the positive experiences we can gain from being in a space where all five senses are catered for simultaneously. In my project, I wanted to create a journey that focused on stimulating all the senses whilst also giving the user an immersive experience that’s not commonly designed for. 

I was also really intrigued by the unique structures created by poured milk and wanted to incorporate this into my designs. The hand-drawn outlines in my concept work follow the shapes made by flowing milk.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

I have been working in the Dublin-based Interior Design and Architecture practice Kingston Lafferty Design since I graduated. They’re an award-winning agency, so I’m delighted to be there. I’ve been working on some really exciting projects, predominantly residential and hospitality.

What’s the most significant thing you took from Griffith College – either in terms of skills or personally?

I made friends for life in Griffith which makes me so glad I chose this college! Not only that, but the real-world skills I learned from my lecturers have been invaluable in my working life.

What are your plans for the future?

I had hoped to move to New York last summer after my final year but - alas - COVID happened! The plan is still to move at some point but that all depends on how things pan out with the pandemic! I hope to travel when all is safe – I want to see more of the world, get more experience and learn different techniques and approaches to design. That said, I love what I’m doing at the moment so will just have to wait and see!

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