Advice for 1st Year Students at Griffith College Cork

Students sitting in Honan Chapel at Griffith College Cork induction

Welcome to Griffith College. By now in Cork, you will have received a tour of your campus at induction and plenty of helpful advice from Noel Daly, our Deputy Head of Griffith College Cork. If, for whatever reason, you couldn't make it then have a look at some of these helpful tips.

Know Your Programme Directors

Your first port of call should be getting to know your Programme Directors. They are your key contacts for the duration of your chosen course and will answer any questions you may have. They are:

If you have a question about your course or if any difficulties arise, please contact one of the above.

Start As You Mean To Go On

As you take time to settle in to your new home of learning for the next three to four years, make sure to start those good habits which will make your studious life a bit easier.

  • Attend class. In Griffith College there is a requirement of no less than 85% attendance in class. In your classroom you will learn and engage with all of your subject matter. Even better, you will get to know your lecturers and classmates who will join you on your academic journey.
  • Do your assignments. Despite our friendly and caring ethos, this is not the same as secondary school. Lecturers and Programme Directors can only help you if you put in the effort required of you. Get your assignments done and reap the rewards of early effort.
  • Set aside time to study. See above. In third-level higher education, the onus is on you to take ownership of your future and use your time wisely to study and prepare for exams/assignments. As the great Roy Keane once said: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

Get To Know Your Way Around

Even after getting your tour of campus from your Programme Directors on induction day, take some time to walk around the Griffith College buildings and grounds. Play some ping-pong, pool or foosball in the games room, chill out in the lobby or get some fresh air on one of the benches in our idyllic garden, carefully curated by veteran groundskeeper, James.

Have a read of our blog post, ‘Why Should You Study in Griffith College Cork?’ for more tips on why you have made a great choice in joining us here on Wellington Road, Cork city.


Enjoy Yourself

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Once you have set aside time each week to study and get your work done head away into town for yourself for a celebratory drink/meal. You deserve it. Just not on a weeknight!