Interested in a Career in Interactive Digital Media?

Interactive Digital Media

Interactive Digital Media is fast becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. From networking and job-hunting to learning, communicating and consuming advertising, digital media is at the core of all almost everything we do. If you have a love of content, computing and design, you might be considering a digital media course in Dublin

What is interactive digital media?

Interactive digital media, also referred to as interactive multimedia or applied digital media, is any computer-generated platform that combines different types of media including text, sound, video, computer graphics and animation.

What are some examples of digital interactive media?

  • Websites – All websites combine text, visuals and graphics to deliver information or provide an online service
  • Social networking sites – Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use multimedia to allow users to interact, share photos and content and play games
  • Video games – Players interact with each other via computer-generated programmes that use visual and audio media
  • Apps – All apps on your smartphone or computer device use interactive media to perform a specific function e.g. a game, booking platform or weather app
  • Virtual Reality – Uses different types of media to create a fully immersive digital world

Why is interactive digital media important?

In today’s digital-led world, interactive digital media plays a vital role in the way people approach different aspects of their personal and professional lives. Interactive digital media allows users to communicate with others (individuals, companies and brands) whom they wouldn’t normally have contact with. As such, having digital platforms that are both attractive, efficient and user-friendly is becoming increasingly important for brands and companies who wish to acquire and retain customers.

What do interactive digital media workers do?

Interactive digital media workers might come from a design or computing background. They use digital tools, social media and analytics to design and deliver a specific project – whether that be a website, video game or app. Depending on the project, they may be required to work with other providers such as graphic designers, developers and programmers making it for a very collaborative job role. Interactive digital media workers will know about social media, digital technology and web analytics and be able to test and measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Where do interactive digital media specialists work?

There is a wide range of career opportunities available to those who have completed a digital media course. You might go on to work in an advertising firm, for a software company, or in marketing. Career paths include:

  • Creative Directors
  • Content/information managers
  • Multimedia Systems Developer
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Media Product Manager
  • Digital Account Director
  • Digital Designer


How can you get a career in Interactive Digital Media?

A digital media course like Griffith’s MSc in Interactive Digital Media will allow students to develop a cutting-edge skill set using the most up-to-date, industry-standard technology. Our programme challenges learners to innovate and develop a whole range of ground-breaking interactive digital technologies and experiences. Candidates applying for digital media courses like ours will ideally have a minimum 2:2 Level 8 Honours degree or relevant work experience.

Interested in this course?

Griffith College’s MSc in Interactive Digital Media is available on a full-time and part-time basis at our Dublin campus. For more information about our 2022/2023 intake, email [email protected] or submit an online application.