What can you do with a career in media?

Careers in Media

Media Opportunities

When the idea of a media career pops into your head, what do you immediately think of? Perhaps television, or a career in advertising. Some students may feel as though they have a short list of options; however, we’re here to tell you that there are so many opportunities for you to show off your creativity!

Griffith College offers numerous unique media-related majors. Media doesn’t just refer to television; it includes journalism, photography, design, and more!

Film & TV Production

One of Griffith’s media courses is the BA in Film and Television Production. This course allows students to build practical skills while getting to work in the areas of filmmaking and storytelling. However, this course doesn’t just mean you have to become a producer. With a degree in film and TV, students can pursue numerous careers, such as art director or production designer. These jobs are still located on the film set, as part of the production crew, but you can use your skills in a more artistic way! Going a different direction, with an education in the media industry, one could use this skill set in the field of public relations. A job in PR would call for the use of media communications, as well as connections to different TV and media outlets. Past Griffith Film students have gone on to win numerous types of film awards, such as Short Film of the Year. Other students have gone on to work on feature films, produce online content, and work among post-production companies!


Another popular media course at Griffith is Journalism and Media Communications. Students can take this as a Master’s or Postgraduate Diploma. There’s also the BA (Hons) in Communications and Media Production.  When most consider this educational path, they think of a career in public relations, but that’s not the only choice! Journalism and communications students have a wide variety of careers to assert themselves in. For example, you could explore the advertising industry, which in itself contains both creative and organisational sides. For those with a passion for the limelight, you could also look into reporting or broadcast journalism. As we head into a more modern era, jobs such as social media managers and brand ambassadors are becoming more and more sought after as well. Many of Griffith’s Media graduates have worked their way into the world of content creation in multimedia platforms. This includes video journalism, radio, and account executives at PR agencies.


The Photographic Media BA is another media degree at Griffith. In this course specifically, students often see only one option for a career: photography. But this is where you’re wrong! This course definitely prepares students with the base knowledge and capabilities to be a photographer, however, there is much more you can do with this degree. Your photography skills could lead you into an editing job, where you could not only edit photos but videos too. This career could also lead to special effects or film-related jobs. An interesting way to branch off of your photography degree would be graphic design. It is an important element of photography and editing and could be something you consider looking into as a future career.

Interactive Media

One last example is our MSc or Postgraduate Diploma in Interactive Digital Media. This course is at the intersection of design, computing, and content. It provides students with the foundation for a career using digital technology combined with creative skills. With such a blend of skills and knowledge, students can explore many different areas. For example, using technology and digital skills would allow one to head into film/media animation. Or, you could look at web design, a place to use your own unique ideas as well as your base in digital technologies. You could even look into writing or designing online publications such as magazines or newspapers. Plus, in more recent times, technology companies have started to reach out to media graduates, looking for program designers and operations coordinators.

Media courses and careers are not one and the same, and each individual course offers a plethora of future job options. By enrolling in a media course at Griffith College, you’ll find yourself surrounded by opportunities. You will be able to expand your knowledge and apply it wherever you choose!

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