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Change of Mind: Meet the Law Team

Rachel McSweeney, Law's Admissions Representative
Law's Admissions Team Representative, Rachel
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Your Law Admissions Team

Name: Rachel McSweeney

Contact Number: 01-415 0449

Faculty: Law Admissions

Q. What courses are offered in your faculty?

At Griffith Law, we have two courses available for students under the age of 23. The first is our level 6 programme, the Certificate in Legal Studies and the second is our level 8 programme, the LL.B.

Q. How many points do I need in the Leaving Cert to gain access?

The Griffith Law team calculate your entry on grades awarded.

  • For the level 6 course the requirements are 5 O6/H7 grades, to include a language (English, Irish or another language) or, 4 GCSE passes at grade C to include English plus one pass at A-level.

  • For the level 8 course, the requirements are 2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades, to include a language (English, Irish or another language).

Q. What are the facilities like?

When you study Law at Griffith College, there are a number of extracurricular activities to get involved in. To name a few;

  • Work on real-life cases on our Innocent Project team here on campus,
  • Take part in StartED
  •  FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centre),
  • Mooting and debating society (where participants this year alone have travelled to France among other venues)
  •  Intern at an office in Philadelphia in the criminal justice courts
  • Other on-campus event include, law-focused guest speakers, movies nights and events from different sectors of the legal system so you can get a taste of what area of Law you would like to go in to.

On our Dublin campus we also have a variety of facilities including Arthurs café (which has a subway AND Starbucks so you can live your best life with a meatball sub and a chai latte), fitness room, a library with on hand staff to assist with any questions you may have, a vibrant students union, sports team, clubs and societies and of course student nights including an annual Griffith Ball (black tie of course)! So put it this way, if you are a Griffith Law Student, you won’t be bored.

Q. Is there level 6, 7 or 8 entry?

The Certificate in Legal Studies is a Level 6 and the LLB is a Level 8.

Q. Can students’ progress from level 7 to level 8 on these courses?

 The good thing about studying the Certificate in Legal Studies is that once you have completed the 1-yearThe Griffith College Admissions Team course, you are automatically granted entry into the Level 8 programme and will still come out with a Level 8 degree within 4 years!

Q. Can I study any of these courses part-time?

 The Certificate in Legal Studies is full-time but the LLB can be completed in 3 study modes; full-time, part-time and via blended learning. Blended Learning combines online learning and in class lectures.

Q. What is the cost of these courses?

Our courses start at around the €5500 mark. We do provide a direct debit scheme you can pay via instalments throughout the academic year. Also, if you pay your fee in full upon registration the fee is tax deductible by up to 20%.

Q. Is Griffith College a University?

Griffith College is not classed as a university but all of our courses are at university standard and approved by the governing body QQI.

Q. Do you accept the SUSI grant?

 Unfortunately, because we are a private institution we are not eligible for the SUSI grant. This has been the case for a number of years now but as a college, we are actively campaigning to get recognised for the SUSI grant as we understand the importance this grant has for our students.

If you're interested in studying Law at Griffith College, contact me at 01-415 0449 and let's have a chat!