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Student Life at Griffith College

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So, you finally made it, you’re going to college. Whether you just completed your Leaving Cert, or you did just that AND completed a PLC, all your years of hard work have lead up to this, and where better for you to spend your college years than in Griffith College! Here are a few things you need to know about Griffith before you get started...

The Student Union

This is the main hub of all the events in the college, here you will find pool tables, gaming consoles, ping pong tables and even microwaves for all you food packers. The SU is also the place where you sign up for clubs and societies, and also for college trips! Make sure to sign up for the annual surf trip! A personal favourite.

Arthur’s Bar & Restaurant

This is the place where you can relax and unwind while enjoying some delicious food. Arthur’s Bar & Restaurant is located under the Academic Facilities building at the back of campus. They offer a wide variety of food, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did I mention there is also a Starbucks down there?

The Library

Partying and food is cool, but really, you’re in college for academia! Hit up the library on the first floor in the main building. There is study desks throughout, as well as computers and printers. Oh, and of course, books.

The Wellington Building

This building is located next to the Academic Facilities Building. This is the place where you’re going to go when you have to pull an all nighter and you want to stay away from the Netflix temptations. Opened nearly 24/7, with computers and printers, the Wellington Building is a place where you can escape to get that work done.

Noshington Cafe

Not located in Griffith campus, but literally right across the road, Noshington cafe is a niche little cafe that offers amazing food, and of course amazing coffee. A huge plus about attending Griffith College is Nosh, walk across the road, order a latte (or even a matcha latte), sit outside and stare across the road at the beautiful architecture of the buildings in your college!

There are so many things to love about Griffith, and the above is only the start! Enjoy your student life!

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