Made in Griffith: Meet the Photographer

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Griffith College Dublin students from both the design faculty and the media faculty produced Griffith College’s latest multi-channel campaign, Made in Griffith. The campaign included a fashion shoot, photography, videography, journalism, graphic design and OOH production. The posters illustrated the fashion and styling skills of Griffith College students. As well as this, our amazing media students showcased exceptional photography skills from preparation to shooting to post-production. Videography students also recorded the whole campaign and Design Communication students designed the poster.

So, who are the students behind the magic we hear you ask? Final year BA (Hons) in Communications & Media Production student Fodhla is on hand to fill you in! First up is our ‘Made in Griffith’ photographer!

Patricia Amsjah is the photographer of the shoot. She is a third-year student studying a BA in Photographic Media. Alongside two photographic assistants, her primary role was to liaise with the designer, Naoise Jo Farrell, to understand the concept of the shoot and then to be able to deliver this concept in both production and post-production.

When I sat down with her, Patricia was in the post-production stage of producing her photographs. She had taken her photographs and decided with Naoise which pictures showed their skills the best as Griffith College students. She edited and retouched the photographs using programs she has learned to use through her studies at Griffith College.

As a fashion-editorial enthusiast, Patricia was inspired by the images she sees on both Instagram and Pinterest. She has worked on previous shoots where she has merged real-life with fashion and she knew that she wanted to encapsulate the same theme into this shoot.

Both Naoise and Patricia decided on what concepts would work best to show the skills they have attained throughout their studies in the college. After a process of elimination, they agreed on the idea. For Patricia, working on this project alongside her college work was challenging, but it gave her experience creating a work schedule and feeling the "heat of the rush" when it comes to real-life projects.

Whilst trying to balance the campaign and her college work, Patricia acknowledged that by assisting with this project she has “definitely” heightened her time management skills. “You have to build your time management and how you work with a team. It may be daunting putting your trust into other people, but these are skills people need to build on. Having respect for your team members is vital for a project like this, because everyone’s job and ideas are important,” she advised.

As a photographer who is interested in fashion photography, Patricia expressed her worry that there are not a lot of beginner platforms for fashion photographers. However, this project has helped her showcase her work in building a portfolio and to build her people skills too. She felt a college project like this acts as a positive platform for fashion photographers and it is a successful way of introducing students into real-life, working situations.

“Now that there is this collaboration, design students are being given a platform to promote their work as well as the photography, videography and journalism student’s platforms too. It’s a win-win situation for both Griffith College and its students!"

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Our Made in Griffith featured work by our design & journalism students, and, if you enter by 15 March 2020, you could win tickets to OFFSET festival!