Understanding Postgraduate Education

Photograph of student holding graduation cap and diploma.

Are you considering taking your education to the next level? Upon successful completion of an undergraduate degree, why not take the next challenge and delve deeper into your chosen field? Explore the plethora of postgraduate courses Griffith College offers and discover how you can gain specialised knowledge and enhance your career prospects. 

What is a Postgraduate? 

A postgraduate student is someone who has effectively completed college or university at the undergraduate level and is currently pursuing additional education at a more advanced stage. 

What is a Postgraduate Course? 

A postgraduate course is a program of study pursued by students who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree at a university or college. Often referred to as a master’s level education, it is designed to provide students with a richer understanding of a specific area of study.  

Types of Postgraduate Courses:  

There are three distinct types of postgraduate courses, all with varying study modes. Find out which suits your needs and apply now


Swift and focused, certificates are an effortless way to jump-start your master’s level education. Typically requiring a year or less of part-time study, these programs are highly specialised, designed to provide an in-depth exploration of a specific subject area. Some certificates, like our Certificate in Art and Design, allow you to prepare for further progression. Overall, they offer a quick avenue for gaining practical experiences to complement your existing college qualifications.  


For those seeking a new career direction, a postgraduate diploma can be particularly advantageous. Diploma courses often cover the same coursework as a Master's degree but without the research or dissertation component. Many of our Postgraduate Diploma courses provide students with the option to progress to a related Master's degree, like our Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Interactive Digital Media

Master's Degrees:  

Master’s degrees represent the most common type of postgraduate education. Both MA and MSc programs offer students a unique opportunity to engage in deep and extensive study within their chosen field over one or two years. These degrees frequently culminate in a research project, typically in the form of a dissertation, contributing original research to the subject area. More specialized Master’s degrees, such as the MBA and LL.M., are ideal for professionals aiming to enhance their expertise and advance in their careers.  

Benefits of Pursuing a Postgraduate Course:  

Postgraduate courses offer a range of life-changing benefits. They offer a deeper understanding of your desired area of study which can lead to: 

  • Becoming an expert in your field through conducting in-depth research. 

  • Increased job opportunities and potentially higher-paying positions. 

  • Developing valuable connections with industry professionals through professors and researchers, and fellow students who share the same interests. 

Things to consider: 

With the diverse range of postgraduate courses on offer here at Griffith College, you may feel spoiled for choice! To ensure that you pick the right course for you, consider what you are truly passionate about. What contribution do you wish to bring to your field? What do you wish to achieve upon completing the course?  

Whether you are aiming to advance in your career, contribute to the world of research or simply explore a passion in depth, postgraduate education can be a fulfilling and rewarding journey, offering you a multitude of opportunities for professional and personal growth. Explore the abundance of postgraduate courses on offer at Griffith College and take the first step toward elevating your education and prospects. Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries! Our dedicated team of professionals want to help you with the first steps of starting your journey with Griffith College.