Want to Work in Motion Design? Here's Everything you Need to Know

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In a world where video is king, motion design is becoming more and more important for companies and brands looking to make an impact. If you’re a creative who enjoys problem-solving and want to elevate your existing design or film career in 2022, adding motion design to your skill set via Griffith’s Certificate in Motion Design could help you do just that. 

What is motion design?

Motion design is a design discipline that applies movement to graphic design. It essentially refers to any kind of moving two-dimensional animations on video or digital content. This might be moving typography or animations on for example TV ads, Youtube videos, explainer videos, billboards, social media ads and any other type of digital media.

What’s the difference between motion design and animation?

Motion design is essentially a type of animation. While “animation” is a broader term that encompasses things like cartoon animation and stop-motion, motion design refers specifically to moving graphic design.

Why is motion design important?

As the hosting capabilities of digital platforms have improved over time, motion design has quickly found a place in branding and marketing. Using motion design as part of content is incredibly effective but not just because it looks nice. Brands like to incorporate the use of motion design into their marketing for many reasons:

  • More impactful storytelling
  • It can make large chunks of information/ data easier to digest for customers
  • It’s better for brand recall
  • More opportunities for brands to be creative with marketing
  • Can aid with breaking linguistic and communications barriers
  • Improves SEO for websites
  • Can give brands an edge against competitors
  • Content can be easily repurposed


How can you learn motion design?

Completing a motion design certificate such as Griffith’s Certificate in Motion Design will give you the technical skills you need to be a professional motion graphic designer. Most motion designers will come from a graphic design background, though many also come from film or animation given the overlap in skills from these areas. The requirement for Griffith’s Certificate in Motion Design is that applicants have a solid understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator before starting. Having these prerequisite skills will allow you to quickly progress onto software specific to motion design such as After Effects and Premier Pro.

Where can you learn motion design in Dublin?

Griffith College teaches its Certificate in Motion Design on a part-time basis at its Dublin campus. The course, which is currently recruiting for the 2022/2023 intake, teaches learners to create animated motion graphics sequences from static, two-dimensional visual content. Learners are taught the basics of animation from initial concepts, through to the development of full motion sequences using industry-standard software.

Is motion design a good career?

The demand for motion designers is only increasing. As technology improves, and an added emphasis is being placed on video content, brands are leaning more and more toward incorporating video and motion graphics into their marketing making experienced motion graphic designers highly sought after.

Interested in Motion Design?

Griffith College’s Certificate in Motion Design is available on a part-time basis at our Dublin campus. For more information about our 2022/2023 intake, email [email protected] or submit an online application.