Why Industry Certification Makes You More Employable

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Students in today’s world are constantly looking for new ways to ensure they are a desirable candidate for employment post-graduation, something courses at Griffith College can help with. One of the key ways students are able to make themselves more employable is by gaining industry certification.

But why does industry certification impress potential employers? For a start, it shows that you take your career seriously. Gaining a certification highlights the time, effort and potentially even money that you’ve been willing to put in to help improve your skillset. Certifications are the ideal way of proving that you are in fact qualified for the role; if you have an official accreditation to your name, employers know you aren’t just pretending to have the skills you’ve listed on your CV.

Industry certifications also help keep you current. No matter what industry or niche you plan to go into, it’s important that you’re consistently up-to-date with new software and legislation. By holding certification in certain areas, you automatically put yourself ahead of the competition who employers would have to spend their own time and money training to get to the same level as you.

Griffith College's Business Faculty programmes now offer students the chance to undertake new certifications that will make them even more employable and up-to-date with industry technology and trends. There are currently over 250 students completing our Digital Marketing module which sees them complete three industry certifications that can be added to their LinkedIn profiles and CVs, helping to set them apart in job interviews.

Robert Farrell, Digital Marketing Lecturer says, “The professional landscape is changing, and I am delighted to incorporate industry certifications into our Digital Marketing module. Students can learn the latest best practices from industry leaders, gain additional certifications that are well known in industry and improve their employability.”

*Future students should note that these certificates can change from one year to the next depending on learner feedback and industry updates.

Griffith College has recently been added to Hubspot’s Education Partner Program (EPP) list. This is a comprehensive list of educators who teach the latest trends in digital marketing and marketing technology. Two of the certifications available in the Digital Marketing module are Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate and Hubspot Social Media Marketing Certificate. The module also offers students the chance to gain the Google Search Ads Certificate.

Griffith College Business Faculty is dedicated to ensuring its graduates are desirable candidates, offering programmes that give students the chance to enhance their employability. The Careers Office is also available to support students in writing a strong CV, interview prep and help with sourcing job openings on leading jobs boards. By ensuring the courses within the business faculty offer industry accreditation the college is teaching and preparing the next generation of workers for the ever-changing global industry.

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