Study Law in Ireland: LLB (Hons) Degree & Career Opportunities

LLB degree

If you’re currently thinking about your future, a career in Law might already be on your radar. Providing graduates with a range of skills and offering great career prospects, it’s no wonder a degree in Law is such a highly sought-after qualification. Check out why a Law degree might be right for you.

Why is a Law degree a good idea?

A degree in Law will equip learners with many skills that can be applied both inside and outside the legal profession. These include the ability to develop complex arguments, find solutions to difficult problems and persuasively communicate your ideas, which employers find attractive. Law graduates often go on to work in a wide range of businesses including banking, the civil service, media and more.

A degree in Law could also give you the passport to work beyond your own country. According to Gradireland, once you have a legal qualification, it is possible to work in other jurisdictions, most easily in countries with a similar legal system such as Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

What jobs can you get with a Law Degree?

Outside of the traditional solicitor or barrister route, many Law graduates go on to pursue careers in the following areas:

  • Media
  • Politics and Foreign Affairs
  • Journalism
  • Banking
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Research
  • In-house legal advisory for a wide range of businesses
  • Academia

To find more careers where a Law degree would be useful, take a look at this piece by Gradireland.

What is an LLB (Hons)?

“LLB (Hons)” is the term traditionally used to describe a Bachelor of Laws degree. Although the exact translation derives from Latin, you can generally interpret an LLB (Hons) as referring to an undergraduate Law degree. At Griffith College, the LLB (Hons) is three years in length. Students will study core subjects and pick additional subjects (electives) allowing them to tailor their degree to their own interests and needs. This allows the student to focus on key areas that they are interested in such as criminal law, human rights law or corporate law.

Which Law degree do I need to be a lawyer?

If you already have dreams of becoming a solicitor or barrister, you’ll want to start with a Level 8, LLB (Hons) degree. After graduating, you can choose to sit the Law Society of Ireland FE1s entrance exams – you will need to pass these to practice as a solicitor. Alternatively, if you wish to become a barrister, you’ll need to sit the entrance examinations for the King’s Inns entrance exams. Be aware that you’ll need an approved law degree to sit these exams, such as Griffith College’s LLB (Hons). 

Why study Law in Ireland?

A degree in Law will give graduates a broad range of professional skills and, as Ireland is internationally renowned for its high standards of teaching and education, an Irish Law degree is particularly attractive.

Can I get a Law degree online?

The short answer is, yes. Griffith’s LLB (Hons) is available full-time, part-time and through blended learning at both our Dublin and Cork campuses. Full-time study takes place during the day. If that doesn’t suit you, you may be interested in our part-time law degree. A part-time law degree with evening classes ensures learners can balance studies alongside existing commitments. Finally, blended learning is available for those who prefer to conduct their studies online at a time that suits them.

Why study Law at Griffith College?

You may now be sold on studying Law but why might you prioritise the LLB (Hons) at Griffith College?

  • You’ll have access to all law-related extracurricular activities including the Irish Innocence Project and our award-winning Mooting and Debating Societies.
  • Unique work experience opportunities like our annual summer internship in Philadelphia.
  • Learn from accomplished lecturers, many of whom are still active practitioners in their field.
  • Choose from an extensive list of electives and tailor your degree to suit your interests e.g. criminal law, human rights law or corporate law.
  • Choose from a range of study modes at our Dublin and Cork campuses.

How do I apply for a Law degree at Griffith College?

Applicants under 23 years of age must apply through the CAO website using CAO code GC403. The entry requirements are 2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades, to include a language (English, Irish or another language).

If you were 23 years of age on or before the 1st of January on the year of your application, you may apply as a mature student using the Apply Online facility on our website. 


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