Social Programme

Language learning doesn't just happen in the classroom.

That's why the Griffith Institute of Language encourages students to be active outside of the classroom and integrate as much as possible with other Griffith College students. The social programme is designed with student interest and development in mind; it aims to strike a balance between fun activities and naturally developing students' English levels. We achieve this through both casual language exchanges and trips to Ireland's major attractions. We regularly take student feedback on board to constantly improve and enhance your language learning experience in Ireland.

English language students (as well as academic students) are encouraged to participate in activities and events organised and promoted by GIL. In Dublin, activities are organised by the Students' Union and a Student Services Coordinator, while there are social coordinators in place at our Limerick and Cork campuses. Monthly posters advertising events are displayed in classrooms and on the GIL social noticeboard. Some activities include a small fee.


Cork is packed with opportunities for students to become involved with all kinds of activities.  There are numerous clubs and societies in the city, with everything from sport to music, from drama to hillwalking, and much more. Griffith College also organises events each week, which are often free, and which focus on extra opportunities for students to improve their English.  Examples include activities such as Language Exchanges, art trails, film screenings, short seminars on topics such as mental health and nutrition, poetry reading and transcendental meditation. There is something for everyone.

We also have a programme of day-long bus excursions at the weekend, several times a year.  Destinations include famous locations such as the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Bunratty Castle, Kenmare, Ardmore and many more.  We always try to include a fun element on these days, such as a mystery trail or a photo competition, with lots of prizes.  We make these tours as economical as possible for students, and they usually cost less than 50% of the rate commercial companies charge.

In Griffith College, the Students’ Union has also begun to organise events for students, which are often free: examples include Zumba and choral singing. The college is interested in suggestions from students and will try to provide things for which there is a demand.  We also have an arrangement with a gym in the city that offers a good student membership rate.

June 2023 Social Calendar


Relax in the Students’ Union and socialise with students from all over the world, including native English speakers from Ireland and America. Join the clubs and societies free of charge. Meet up in the College restaurant. Go out on great student nights or weekend trips away. Improve your English by immersing yourself in the language and become truly fluent.

Social Programme (Summer)

Regular cultural activities take place 2 – 3 times a week, giving you the inspiration and ideas to complete your project work. There are also weekly Saturday excursions that give you the opportunity to visit many places in Ireland including, Kilkenny Castle, the Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange.

May 2023 Social Calendar


One of the most attractive features of Griffith Institute of Language Limerick, as a place to study is its location in the heart of Limerick.  Surrounded by the best entertainment venues, you can be sure of access to great student nights in the city. If your taste in leisure activities is more adventurous, Limerick provides excellent opportunities for the student who likes sport and leisure - golf, horse riding and water-sports are all available at a reasonable cost. Griffith Institute of Language organises a variety of social and cultural activities in Limerick and throughout Ireland, including trips to the Rock of Cashel, Killarney, Cliffs of Moher, Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. Students can participate in excursions, weekend trips, parties, Irish dancing lessons and major sports events.

May 2023