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Microsoft Excel - Introduction

Microsoft Excel - Introduction


This course provides an introduction to Microsoft Excel. The course will identify and describe the component features that make up Excel and introduce you to working with them.

This course is designed for busy people who need to know how to get the best from their applications from the outset. If you are new to Excel or have not used Excel in its proper capacity for creating spreadsheets, then this Introduction course will get you started.

The course will identify and describe the component features that make up Microsoft Excel and introduce you to working with them. Participants will be taught how to plan and construct basic Excel spreadsheets for forecasting and general numeric work. Delegates will be able to create formulae and work with a selection of functions. Users will progress on to produce simple charts from the spreadsheet data they have created.  



Intake Dates

We run 2 intakes for this course commencing in Spring and Autumn 2020.

  • January*
  • October*

*subject to sufficient numbers

Please see the timetable for course dates.

Course details
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • What Is Excel?
  • Excel File Types
  • Excel Environment
  • Toolbars
  • Office Assistant
Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Creating And Opening Workbooks
  • Working With Workbooks
  • Working With Worksheets
  • Working With Cells
  • Navigating Within A Worksheet
  • Navigating The Workbook
Spreadsheet Data
  • Entering Data
  • Using Time-Saving Features
  • Checking The Spelling
Formatting and Customising Data
  • Selecting Items In Excel
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Manipulating Data
  • Formatting Columns And Rows
  • Formatting With Colours And Patterns
  • Adding And Editing Borders
  • Using Auto Format
Editing Spreadsheets
  • Cutting, Copying, And Pasting
  • Inserting And Deleting
  • Using Find And Replace
  • Using Undo And Redo
Formulas and Functions
  • Entering Formulae
  • Entering Functions
  • Using Named Cells and Ranges In Formulae
  • Using Page Setup
  • Margins
  • Headers and Footers
  • Printing a Spreadsheet

Course Contacts

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 01 415 0429.


Saturday 1 Day Course from 9:30am to 5pm

Year 2020

Jan: 18

October: date to be confirmed

This course is also available as customised training please contact [email protected] for further information about this option.

How to Apply

How to apply

Directly to Griffith College Short Courses Department


Study mode: Part time.

Fee: Available upon request.


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