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IT Services - FAQs

How to scan in the library?

To scan in the library you will need a USB memory stick and a copy card. If you don't have either of these the library will gladly lend them to you.

  1. Insert the copy card in the card reader by the printer/copier/scanner 
  2. At the top right of the touchscreen press the arrow pointing right 
  3. Select your USB device by touching the icon on the screen 
  4. Press the scan button on the touchscreen 
  5. When the first page is scanned you will be asked whether you wish to scan more or save the document, select as appropriate 
  6. When you save the document you will be offered various formats: please save it as a PDF

When you are finished remove the copy card and then take out your USB memory from the unit. You can then plug this into a computer and send it via your email. 

There's no notes on my course, where are they?

If you cannot see notes on Moodle you should ask your lecturer if they have uploaded anything onto the subject yet. If they have and you do not see it please take note of the course code, it should look something like [BSCH-CP] or [BAIAH-CS] and be beside the description of your course on the left hand side of Moodle. If this code is different from the code your lecturer is uploading notes on you are registered for the wrong course and should contact your Course Administrator.

I'm missing courses, how do I get them added on?

If you are missing courses you will need to contact your Course Administrator (CA) as courses are handled by your CA. 

I can't log in to Moodle at the end of the college year

End Of College Year

At the end of the college year, should you have no repeats, you will be automatically unenrolled from Moodle. If you have repeats you will be unenrolled a week or two after you have completed them. If you wish to retain notes from previous years it is suggested that you take them before the end of the college year as we cannot re-enable your account.

I can't log in to Moodle! It says "Invalid login, please try again"

Check Your Details

First of all you should check that your logon details are correct.Your username is your student number, and your default password is your date of birth in the format of dd/mm/yyyy including the forward slashes '/'. So if you were born on the first of June 1983 your password would be 01/06/1983.

Unpaid Fees

One of the most common reasons for students not being able to access Moodle is unpaid fees. There are a couple of weeks grace at the start of term, after which any students with unpaid fees are removed from Moodle. This is an automated process and we unfortunately cannot help you with this particular problem. To have the problem rectified please contact Student Fees in D006, or on 01-4150483. Once your situation has been corrected Moodle will automatically re-enable your account in a few hours.