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10 Questions for Interior Architecture Graduate, Aala

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Aala is a recent graduate of our BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture. At the annual Creative Show, she was awarded a summer work placement with IKEA so we caught up with her to find out about her experience...

How did you become interested in interiors?

I like furnishing, I like being creative. Wherever I see an interesting environment, I feel like I want to make it more alive. I believe good design can make a difference in our lives. 

Aala Daloub in IKEA during her internship

What was your favourite part of your course? 

My favourite part of my course was when I worked on my physical 3D models. I found the process of bringing my concept to the model very interesting. I also really enjoyed working on the 3D programmes. 

What did you do for your final year project? 

For my final year project, I created a Refugee Centre called it ''The Shell''. It includes a medical centre, accommodation, community centre, restaurant and roof garden. The idea behind my project was to create a space that embraced the refugee. 

Who is your biggest interiors inspiration? 

My biggest architect inspiration is Zaha Hadid. I did my thesis about her and how she creates in the western world. 

How did your work placement with IKEA come about? 

IKEA came to Griffith College and talked to us about their processes and work placement. They wanted two students to do a summer placement, I applied, did an interview and was successful. 

Tell me about your experience at IKEA 

The best part of my work placement was working on the room sets, which change once a year and putting the furniture together. The way of choosing the furniture was interesting because there were different types of design theme, either it's traditional or Scandinavian or modern. 

Aala working on rooms in IKEA

The day I saw the 3D drawing that I worked on from scratch came true was amazing. I painted, picked the furniture and put everything together; I was very proud of myself that the room came exactly reflected my drawing. 

What area of interiors do you hope to work in? 


Aala working with fabrics in IKEA

What is your favourite and least favourite interiors trend? 

Everything in interiors interests me, I like to keep it simple but I don't like going crazy with the colours. 

What advice would you have for interiors students starting first year? 

I would say to keep creative, never give up and believe in what they have and what they can do.  

What's next for you? 

Next, I want to do a master's degree in furnishing and then start my own business. 

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