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200th Anniversary of the Griffith College Campus buildings

Griffith College Dublin Campus

On the 12th of December 2013 Griffith College Dublin celebrated the 200th anniversary of the campus buildings. As part of this celebration a commemorative booklet which documents the history of the campus in its various guises as a prison, barracks and now as a college since 1813 was launched. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny also visited the campus and unveiled a commemorative sculpture which acts as a marker for the future of the college as it continues to grow.  

The site of our campus was originally known as Grimswood Nurseries, but between 1813 and 1991 the campus had a variety of functions including a prison, barracks, offices and World War II response unit. In 1991 when the government made the decision to sell the barracks and it was bought by Business and Accounting Training, or BAT which had been established by Diarmuid Hegarty in 1974. In 1992, the College contacted Arthur Griffith's family, and with their blessing BAT was renamed Griffith College in keeping with the naming of the barracks after Arthur Griffith.   Since 1991 the campus has been a centre of learning for students from all over the world. The campus has seen the addition of a conference centre, lecture rooms, halls of residence and restaurant as well as the refurbishment of the older buildings.


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