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4 Reasons to Study Computing Science

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If you’re considering an IT course or a computer course in Ireland, you've made a wise choice! Ireland is home to nine of the world’s top ten technology companies, the salaries are high and it’s an industry that will only grow over the coming decades. 

Griffith College has a proud history of developing graduates who’ve gone on to rewarding careers with the tech giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft, but our graduates are also working in start-ups, in industry and quite a few have even set up their own businesses. There are countless reasons to study computing, but here are four you should keep in mind.

The Digital Age needs computer scientists

We are living in the digital age, when computers, apps, and gadgets dictate more aspects of our lives than we ever thought possible – still no hover-cars, though! To keep up with the latest technologies and to further develop them, we need skilled computer scientists. These talented individuals theorise, design, develop and apply the software and hardware for the programmes that we use on a daily basis, along with developing the software and hardware of the future.

Computer science is in (almost) every industry

Every modern industry operates on computers, stores important documents in the cloud and has remote access to shared files on an internal network, and this is just talking about an office. Let’s talk about the digital security required for international banks or software engineers operating robots on an assembly line. You can be in fashion and work on software development for ASOS, or work for Google doing artificial intelligence projects. If you are into cars, you could work for a big auto company and write the software for their vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

Dublin is Europe’s tech hub and there is a serious shortage of educated graduates

The tech industry in Ireland is thriving, and it doesn’t look like the opportunities will slow anytime soon. Currently, there are over 75,000 people employed by tech companies in Ireland, and the government is forecasting that the sector will create almost 37,000 new computer science-based roles over the next four years.* The sector is crying out for graduates across the spectrum of computing science, so it’s never been a better time to pick up a programming language.

Build more than just your computing science skills

Not only will you be taught all of the core computing skills, but Griffith College will also equip you with transferrable soft skills, helping you succeed in any industry. Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills by delving into software design; enhance a creative eye with UX web design; improve your communication skills by teaching systems to communicate with one another. With industry-focused assignments, you will learn how to efficiently prioritise your time, how to work with other students and how to present effectively – all skills valued within any workforce.

“Our aim for Computing students at Griffith College is to give them the skill set necessary to go out and work on some of the most interesting projects in the world. We have graduates doing research on machine learning, on the Internet of Things appliances and everything in between. Employers come to us looking for graduates - that’s how highly-rated our courses are,” explains Dr. Waseem Akhtar, Head of the Computing Faculty.

The computing faculty has courses for everyone:


* Technology Skills 2020 Report

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