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6 Reasons to Attend a College Open Day

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Are you having a tough time deciding on where you want to go to college? I hear that. It's a big decision to make. There are so many colleges and courses to choose from; like, how can one decide between identical courses in two different colleges?!

Thankfully colleges nationwide and beyond feel your pain and have open days to show off their college and courses to you. But, if you think going to an open day isn't worthwhile especially when you can find out everything online, then let me prove you wrong...

See the buildings, feel the atmosphere

Just as different cities have their own personality and vibe, so do colleges. By going to an open day, you get to walk around the college and be immersed in its atmosphere. You get to see the buildings, lecture rooms, library, restaurants, bars, and amenities.

Get a tour

When I was in college, I often gave Open Day tours of the main building for my degree. By taking a tour of the college, you can ask real students about their experience in the college. You get to see the facilities from computer rooms to studios and even see current students do demonstrations.

Meet the lecturers

Ok, you obviously don't get to meet ALL of your lecturers but you do get to go to talks from all the faculties which gives you a great chance to hear more detailed info about the course you may want to do. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have about the course from course subjects to student support.

Meet the societies

A key part of college is the social life. Clubs and societies are a place where you can explore your interests and make lots of new friends. Head over to the Students Union and find out all about the social side of the college. Students run the clubs and societies so you can ask them about how active the club / society is, how often do they meet, etc.

Meet your peers

As well as talking to students of the college try to talk to others attending the open day. See what kind of course they're applying for and why they're looking at this college, what kind of research have they done, have they been to other open days. Arm yourself with as much information as you can for when you have to decide on your future college.

The local area

Don't just stay inside the college, explore the surrounding area. The college will be your home for 3 or 4 years so it's good to be familiar with the local area of the college. Is there a shop, pubs, cafes, etc? Is there good public transport to the city?  Does it feel safe?

Convinced? Open days are a fantastic way to get really valuable information about any college or course you're thinking of attending. 

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