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Achieve a Balance - Online FE1 Preparation Courses

Online FE1 preparation courses at Griffith College
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Griffith College Dublin offers prospective Law Society of Ireland students online FE1 preparation courses that allow students to balance their work, life and study.

What does the course consist of?

The team behind Griffith College has recently taken the time to modify the FE1 Preparation Course for professional law students, making the course a more virtual-friendly experience. But what exactly does the new, restructured course consist of? Well, during the 14-week period, participants will engage with weekly pre-recorded video lectures, to learn and solidify the material that the course has to offer.

In its entirety, each subject provides for 14 online lectures and 2 e-tutorials, accompanied by a final intensive exam preparation workshop. The online lectures made available to students are pre-recorded and released on a weekly basis. This allows for flexibility, so students can digest the information when and where suitable. In addition, the course provides students access to two e-tutorials which will be available through interactive tools. These e-tutorials grant students the opportunity to interact with the lecturer, providing another interactive element to the online course.

What are course participants provided with?

Regarding course materials, participants are provided with a hard and soft copy of the manual for each course, past examination papers, examiner reports, and sample answers made available online for each of the subjects. Also, upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to participate in a six-hour intensive preparatory workshop, available both on-campus and online. This workshop will allow students the opportunity to delve deeper into the course material in preparation for the final examination.

How will I benefit?

The Professional Law School at Griffith College Dublin is now offering students a revised price for its Final Examination Part 1 (FE1) preparation course. The 14-week preparation course is being offered to participants at a per-module basis, with a further discount provided for Griffith College alumni.

Head of Faculty and Programme Director at Griffith College Karen Sutton highlighted more of the benefits this program offers, saying, “Our new structure provides participants with their lectures online, in addition to our two newly introduced two-hour e-tutorials and access to our six-hour intensive exam preparation workshop. In addition, participants can now benefit from all the above (lectures, e-tutorials and workshop) at a newly reduced price for all subjects. So, whether you are completing one, three, five or all eight subjects you will pay the same rate for each subject you take.”

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