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Advance in Your Career With a Postgraduate Degree

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Why do a postgraduate course?

There are as many reasons to do a postgraduate course as there are postgraduate students. Many students take on postgraduate study to further understand a subject about which they are deeply passionate. Some want to change direction with new skills and academic knowledge. Many, though, are hoping to propel their careers forward by obtaining a higher degree.

Can a postgraduate degree help my career?

The short answer? Yes.

The long answer? Absolutely. 

In 2018, “62 per cent of Honours Bachelor Degree graduates [were] in employment…However, 81 per cent of Master’s and Doctorate graduates [were] in employment.” In many fields, the extra training provided by a master’s degree is actually a requirement to progress in that career. And don’t forget the potential earnings. The UK’s Sutton Trust found that “somebody with a Master’s degree can, on average, expect to earn €6560 more a year – or €238,500 over a 40-year working life – than someone only holding a Bachelor’s degree.” 

Fortunately, Griffith College is here to help, with plenty of postgraduate courses to choose from. 


A Master of Laws degree, or LL.M., is an internationally-recognised degree, and in some countries, it's necessary to practice law. Students will develop their academic abilities, enhance their communication and research skills, and prepare for career progress or even PhD. study.

At Griffith College, we offer three different LL.M. programmes, each focusing on a different area of law. Students can choose any of these programmes: the LL.M. in International Law, the LL.M. in International Commercial Law and the LL.M. in International Human Rights Law. With small classes, providing more individual attention, and experienced lecturers, all experts in their fields, students are positioned for success from the moment they arrive. 


ICT, or Information and Communications Technology, is a field full of possibilities! ICT and business skills are in increasingly high demand, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. It’s never been simpler to prepare for the future with a degree like the MSc in Big Data Management & Analytics, especially since “data analytics [was] the fastest-growing skill in demand in 2018 and demand is set to continue.” In fact, the degree’s 2017 class achieved a 100% employment record.  

In the course of the MSc in Big Data Management & Analytics, students will learn a variety of skills designed to help them succeed in the workforce. Modules like Cloud Computing, Data Mining Algorithms and Applied Data Science are taught by professionals who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

Graduate Business School

An MBA is perhaps the most well-known type of master’s degree, but it isn’t the only option for students who want to gain a postgraduate degree in business. An MSc in business is often a good fit for people who have recently completed a related undergraduate degree and want to grow the foundation of their skills before joining the workforce, or even as they embark on their careers. 

The MSc in International Business is one of those programmes. It is intended for students with some experience studying business, though other students may be admitted onto the course after completing a relevant foundation programme. Students develop the skills and knowledge to specialise in key industries, and the programme’s flexible study model means it’s open to both full-time and part-time learners. On completion, students also have the option to progress to the MBA in International Business, opening up still more pathways to success! 

Interested in Griffith College?

With more than 40 postgraduate courses available for full-time, part-time and online study, it's never been easier to earn your degree!