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Are you a Mature Student? … Your Questions Answered

Who is a Mature Student?

Griffith College Dublin welcomes applications from mature applicants for any full or part-time programme. A mature applicant is defined as 23 years of age, on or before January 1st of the year of entry.

Your Questions

You may have some easy questions:

  • What is the timetable like for completing a law degree by night?

  • How do mature students apply to Griffith College?

  • Does it matter if I have a learning disability?

You may have some tricky questions too:

  • How can I find a balance with my professional and personal commitments?

  • I haven't been to college before … can you give me some advice/guidance?
  • What support mechanisms are there to assist me?

  • Where can I find out information on career opportunities available in my area?

Attend an Open Day

Attending an open day is your opportunity to get a feel for student life at Griffith College, meet with lecturers, take a tour of the campus and discuss what course choice is the best option for you. Find out when the next open day is

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Speak to Friends and Colleagues

People you know who have been through a similar study experience can often give you valuable tips about going back to study and balancing work, study and life commitments.

Make the Most of College Life

The best way to build your personal and professional network whilst studying is to get involved in college life by joining clubs, societies and the College’s Students’ Union.

Email Us for Advice

Whatever your query, a dedicated Mature Student Officer is available on e-mail to help. Email [email protected] for assistance.

Admission Requirements

Mature applicants should demonstrate an ongoing interest and commitment to the subject matter of the course for which they are applying through their life and/or work experience.

A brief summary of past educational and work experience in the form of an up to date CV (with a copy of relevant documentation) should be sent along with evidence of date of birth (copy of passport, driver's licence or birth certificate) and a completed direct entry application form.

Apply Now

The College is currently accepting applications for its range of full and part-time certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate courses.

Apply here.

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