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Beyond (Your) Fear: TedxGriffith College


Griffith College Dublin hosted its first TEDx event on March 31st, 2017 exploring the concept of fear. TEDxGriffithCollege focused on the theme ‘Beyond (Your) Fear’, featuring seven talks from high profile speakers with backgrounds in fitness, psychology, business, entrepreneurship and mental health services. The Conference was organised by Griffith students, Jonas Baumgart and Sara Bouadeli, and gave the audience a new perspective on all aspects of fear, from how others cope, to why we seek out this powerful emotion.

See below for a collection of videos from the day!





Ellen Keane - My Lucky Fin

Ellen Keane, paralympic swimmer for the Irish national team, tells the story of how she changed the way of of looking at her own disability - and how that in turn changed her entire life.



Rob Lipsett - Doing What Scares You

Rob Lipsett shares his story of pushing himself through his own fear, pain and society’s expectations to now be at the top of what he does - personal training and fitness advice on YouTube.




Paul Devaney - The Day Everest Shook

Paul Devaney got incredibly lucky to survive the two most deadly seasons in the history of Mount Everest, witnessing the horror of two avalanches. He talks about the incredible yet human reaction to fear of the known and the unknown.




Mia Christina Döring - Break the Silence and Build a New World

Mia Christina Döring is a psychotherapist on a mission. With her story about rape and the fear of speaking out, she talks about how the personal can be political – and how we need to think differently to really make a change happen.




Oisín Scollard - The Online Lifeline

Oisín talks about how living through the terror of a tragic event in his family made him realize that many people don't even ask for help in the first place - and how his work is now supporting 50.000 people per month.




Karl O’Connor - All Monsters are Human

Why do people actually pay to be afraid? Karl O’Connor, Creative Director of The Nightmare Realm, will offer a unique perspective on how he realized that all monsters actually are human - and why fear as entertainment works.




Paul Hayes - Burying the Fallen

Paul Hayes speaks about Start-Up Wakes,  where failed Start-ups are officially “buried”, to offer entrepreneurs a moment of real catharsis.