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CAO: Available Places

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The 2019 CAO Available Places facility opens Tuesday 20 August. Our Schools Liaison Officer Sinéad O’ Callaghan explains the process behind the Available Places Facility:

  • Third level courses have a capacity number. When that number is reached, the course is full and no more places can be offered. 
  • If at the end of Round One, a course is not full, it can feature in ‘Available Places.’
  • Unfilled places are categorised as ‘available’ and distributed accordingly until the course reaches capacity.
  • Not all educational institutes offer Available Places as courses can reach capacity through CAO Round One offers.

Anyone can apply for an Available Place as it is not based on Leaving Certificate points. That said, you must meet the minimum entry requirements for the course. For example, BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at Griffith College Dublin has a minimum entry requirement of 2 H5’s and 4 O6/ H7’s, with a compulsory O6 or above in Mathematics.

If you have a CAO account, visit the Available Places tab and enter the course code for your new choice. If you’ve not previously applied through the CAO, you can register on the CAO website (a payment of €45 is required). Add a level 6/7 or 8 Available Place course to your application and follow the instructions online. Always place your choices in order of preference!

Remember, acceptance of a CAO Course will cancel and disqualify any previous course acceptance. You can only ever have one accepted course on the CAO.

Griffith College offers a wide range of Undergraduate Available Places. For any queries or questions call our admissions team on 01 4150415.

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