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Roisin from the Design
Roisin from the Design
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Your Design Admissions Team


Name: Roisin

Contact Number: 01-415 0431

Faculty: Design


Q. What courses are offered in your faculty?

Our Design faculty at Griffith offers courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Design Communications (what some people think of as Graphic Design). We also offer a foundation year programme in Art and Design, as well as programmes in Animation which are run in partnership with Pulse college.


Q. How many points do I need in the Leaving Cert to gain access?

In 2018, the points needed for these courses were:

BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture AQA

BA (Hons) in Fashion Design 346

BA in Interior Design – 127

BA in Fashion Design - 155

Certificate in Art and Design AQA​

Remember also that if you are applying for any of the Level 8 programmes, that you are required to submit a portfolio assessment. To book a portfolio review, visit


Q. What are the facilities like?

Our Design student will be given training on industry standard programmes, including Revit, AutoCad 3-D, AutoCAD for interiors students, and 3D CAD pattern and manufacturing (CAM) technology for fashion students. Students are also taught on traditional communication tools such as model making and free-hand drawing. Our Design students have dedicated labs and large design spaces to allow them to work as efficiently as possible


Q. Is there level 6, 7 or 8 entry?

Yes, all three. We offer a Level 6 Certificate in Art and Design which, on successful completion, will allow students to progress onto Year 1 of any of our three Level 8 programmes. There is no portfolio requirement for this course and students can apply directly at If you’re interested in Design, but not sure which area or don’t have a background in art, then this would be a great starting point for you. We also offer a Level 7 in Fashion Design and Interior Design.


Q. Can students’ progress from level 7 to level 8 on these courses?

Yes – Students who successfully complete a Level 7 can progress onto the final year of the Level 8 of that particular discipline. Graduates of the Level 6 can progress onto Year 1 of any of our Level 8s, or Year 2 of the Level 7s.


Q. Can I study any of these courses part-time?

The BA in Interior Design (Level 7) is available on a part-time basis, but the remaining programmes (including the BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture) are only available full-time.


Q. What is the cost of these courses?

Tuition fees for our Design programmes will typically lie between 5,000-8,000, but for specific cost, you’re best off contacting the admissions department.


Q. Is Griffith College a University?

Griffith College is not a university but we are one of the largest private third level colleges in the country. The difference between Griffith and a university, is that universities are public institutions which are granted authority to create their own awards. They are allowed to call themselves University by law and there are only eight in Ireland. Universities and Institutes of Technology receive funding from the government towards their running, whereas we don’t which is why students are required to pay tuition fees.


Q. Do you accept the SUSI grant?

Unfortunately, no. As a private institution, students attending Griffith College are not entitled to the SUSI grant. Students must pay tuition fees. We do offer a payment plan which allows student to pay for their fees monthly, and students are also entitled to claim up to 20% tax back on the tuition fees paid. You can find more information about this on

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