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Starting your third level journey provides you with the rewarding opportunity to broaden your skills and knowledge without having to turn your life upside-down!

Higher Education reports have found students experience improvements in personal development and self-confidence, and therefore an increased level of happiness too.

Business Student Siobhan McKillen Spoke to Us About Her Study Experience …

Siobhan McKillen, a mother of two children with a full-time job, returned to study last year, undertaking a 1-night a week Diploma in Business Management course at Griffith. Whilst studying, Siobhan was also taking part in RTE’s Operation Transformation weight-loss show, so unexpectedly found there was even more going on in her life than usual!

Siobhan McKillen, part-time business student at Griffith College

Siobhan found the idea of returning to study after a 20-year break quite daunting initially but soon got back into the swing of it.

One particular highlight for Siobhan was meeting fellow students who were in the same boat. Everyone supported each other during the assignment-writing period and Siobhan feels she has made some friends for life. Lecturers were also approachable, helpful and personable.

Overall Siobhan said it was an extremely positive experience that increased her confidence, gave her increased insight into the different elements of business, and she hopes it will now lead to more opportunities to progress the career ladder at her existing workplace. Siobhan also added that she may even consider studying for a degree once her children are older.

Balance your Study With Your Personal Life

Why Choose Part-Time, Blended or Online Study?

  • You can balance studies with work and family commitments
  • You can continue to work to help finance your study
  • Study can lead to a career change and improve your job prospects
  • New skills acquired through third level study can enhance your existing career
  • Part-time, Blended or Online study is a realistic alternative to full-time study if your circumstances mean full-time study isn’t possible

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