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Countdown is on to the Leaving Cert Results

Leaving Cert results
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The day you receive your Leaving Cert results is a dolly mix bag of emotions. I remember we were all anxiously crowded around the gym, we couldn’t be sitting any closer to edge of our seats without falling onto the ground. Two of my friends decided to sport Loch Ness monster hats for the occasion. It was a weird morning. 

Having a surname that lives at the bottom of the alphabet, I was delighted that they decided to hand out results in order of our home rooms. Unfortunately I had to hold out longer because, of course, ours was one of the last home rooms called. I was as cool as a cucumber (LOL jk I was dying inside with anticipation).

When you get your envelope, there’s a weird mix of absolutely bricking it because this piece of paper will determine the next few years of your life and joy at FINALLY finding out what you got. Everyone went outside to count up their points with our guidance counsellor running around frantically with calculators and hugs. The course I wanted was around the 430 mark the year previous so I was delighted when my points were a nice and safe 470. I also beat my brothers’ results so that added some sweetness to the day. Once we calmed down and all parents were informed of our results myself and my friends, being the hardcore bunch of girls that we are, went to McDonald’s for a celebratory McFlurry.

It’s a day you won’t forget. So, just as you prepared yourself for the Leaving Cert, you can prep yourself for the emotional rollercoaster that is results day.


Sleep is the best. You probably won’t sleep due to the fear of the day to come but at least make an effort to get a solid 6 - 7 hours in. You’ll be at school at 9am for your results, no doubt will be celebrating with your family in the evening and then partying it up with your friends after that. Adrenaline will only get you through so much of it so make sure to get a good night’s rest in and maybe a sneaky nap in the afternoon.

Know your numbers

Familiarise yourself with the grade breakdown and bring a copy of it with you on the day. I probably counted my results four or five times before I realised what I got. I would say bring a calculator but that would be silly in this day and age, so make sure to charge your phone so you can count up your grades, and no doubt take the odd selfie.

Most importantly, remember to only count your best SIX subjects. It’s an easy thing to forget when you’re caught up in the moment!

College Requirements

One of the first things my mother said to me when I told her my points was “...but what did you get in English?!”. My first choice was Communication Studies which required a C1 or higher (something like that) in English to get into the course, which I completely forgot about. I got a B of some description so happy days there! Go through your first and second choices and just check if there’s any requirements for your course - it’s good to just have it filed away in your mind.

Parent control

Now, your parents only mean the best and everything they do they do out of love but sometimes there’s a time and a place. Between friends and teachers running about, the stress of waiting to get your results followed by the stress of doing maths after a 2 month break, you should politely advise your parents to give you some space once you get to school. This is your moment so take a minute after you’ve done your final results calculations to just breathe and let it all sink in and then go and proudly show them off to your parents. Maybe that’s just me though.

Post-Envelope Opening

Like me going to McD’s with my girls after getting our results, you should plan something with your friends for after you get yours. Your friends have been your own little support group throughout this so it’s nice to unwind before your next milestone of the CAO offers.

Go forth, make yourself a mug of tea and start preparing yourself for a different type of Leaving Cert stress. I’m sure you all did awesome and your Mammy will be well proud.


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