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Create Your Own Future with the Cert in Art and Design at Griffith College

Certificate in Art and Design
3 min

Studying Art & Design at Griffith College

Griffith College offers students the opportunity to progress in their education and career. As a student of the Certificate in Art and Design, participants can take part in a yearlong course which gives them access to one of three level 8 courses at Griffith. Following the completion of the level 6 course, students can progress to one of the following:

Following the Path

The Certificate in Art and Design is intended to provide those passionate about art and design with direct access to the right course for them.

This programme is open to students with any background, from direct school leavers to PLC or FETAC students to mature students. Full entry requirements can be read here.

As a registered student of the Cert in Art and Design, students can expect to engage in modules such as:

  • Creative Studios Projects 1
  • 2D Freehand Drawing Techniques
  • Digital Design Tools 1
  • Design Principles

What to Expect From the Cert in Art & Design?

The level 6 course is available on a full-time basis, with the aim of equipping the student with practical skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the level 8 course.

Not only do students earn lifelong learning skills through this course, but other enjoyable features such as:

  • Annual creative week
  • Access to broad range of design disciplines
  • Showcase projects at exhibitions
  • Option to further study

Certificate in Art and Design

Study the Cert in Art & Design at Griffith College