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Creating the future-proof mindset of a lifelong learner

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In a world that’s constantly changing and growing ever more dependent on technology, it’s easy to get left behind. With new systems and services popping up daily, employers are looking for people who are not only up to speed with what’s going on in their field but fast learners who can pick up new skills quickly. That’s where we come in. Griffith College is committed to developing young professionals who thrive off learning new things and who are adept at picking up new skills.

It’s not just technical skills that you’ll need though. In a world that is becoming more tech-savvy, people are looking for workers who have the skills and qualities that robots and machines don’t. Namely, people skills. Robots may well one day be able to do most things quicker and more effectively than people, but they lack the empathy and communication skills of humans. Transferable skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork and time management are more sought after than ever before.

It’s impossible to know what the world will look like in the future, but we can prepare ourselves. We must be ready to learn and adapt to whatever changes we face. Learning is no longer for the classroom alone; it doesn’t stop the minute and you graduate and enter the working world. In fact, when you close the textbooks, it’s only just beginning. A recent study by World Economic Forum suggests that by 2022 “54% of the workforce will require either upskilling or reskilling,” which means workers need to be able to pick new skills up quickly and most importantly, be willing to learn.

There are many ways to create the mindset of a life-long learner and to set yourself up for a future of learning and success such as…

Make Learning Fun

What you learn and how you go about it doesn’t need to be boring. Finding a topic and field that genuinely interest you enables you to not only learn things quicker but will also prompt you to actively seek out new things to learn. We make sure all of our students are passionate about their studies and our lecturers ensure that learning is something to look forward to, not dread.

Focus on Progression, Not Perfection

Many times, the outcome of learning is seen as perfection. When we’re learning a new skill or information, it’s easy to believe that the end goal is to be perfect at whatever it is we’re putting all this time into. Whilst perfection is great, progression is much more important and should be what you strive for as a learner. By focusing on the progress you’re making in your subject, you’ll be more motivated to continue on that path.

Learn from an Array of People

We don’t want our students to learn from their lecturers alone but from each other, too. The best learners are those that can grasp new opportunities to learn as they arise. By utilising new skills and knowledge in their peer groups, students are able to continually improve their own learning skills whilst progressing in their studies too. 

Griffith College uses small classes and industry experts to ensure our students are fully equipped for the working world. Our courses focus on emerging technologies and industry-standard tools and practices, ensuring that our students can experience first-hand the technologies that are shaping both the world and their field of interest. Encouraging our students to be life-long learners can only lead to success.

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