Dear CAO Students...

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Considering all your CAO choices? Worried about your options? Confused about what to pick? Griffith College is here to help. It is not too late to unlock your true potential by choosing an ‘Available Places’ course at Griffith College.

Below, we will be answering all your questions and concerns.

What if I am not happy with my CAO offer or didn't get enough points for my first choice?

These are valid concerns, but firstly you deserve to be congratulated on completing your Leaving Certificate. You have already proven your strength and resilience by finishing school and sitting your exams. You should feel very proud of yourself as you embark on your next chapter and continue your education at third-level. Of course, things won't always go to plan and life can throw many obstacles and hurdles your way, and that is why I am here to inform you about the possibility of choosing an ‘Available Places’ course at Griffith College.

Every course has a number of places on it and if they weren't filled up via the first round of CAO offers, they are distributed through the Available Places process. In other words, do not worry if you are not happy with your CAO Round 1 offer, as there will be other great courses with places still available here at Griffith College. Points don't matter but you must check you meet the normal minimum entry requirements for the course you'd like to study.

Many Leaving Certificate students and CAO applicants obsess about points, but please remember that the points scale exists solely to deal with limited supply and exuberant demand. In addition to the ‘Available Places’ option, you should also consider your progression routes. Completing a Level 5 or 6 course before progressing onto a Level 8 can be a great path to take. Many Level 8 courses reserve places for students progressing from a Level 5/6 as they value the knowledge and experience they have acquired. 

What can I study at Griffith and is it too late to apply through the CAO?

We offer many courses at different levels in Business, Law, Computing, Media and Design. All our courses have been validated by QQI, which means your academic qualification leaving Griffith College will be globally recognised. Our teaching staff design and implement their courses to ensure our graduates are industry-ready. Over the past five decades, Griffith graduates have gone on to successful careers both nationally and internationally in a wide range of disciplines.

All of our courses with remaining places will be listed on the CAO website and can be added to your list of choices and offered to you in one of the subsequent CAO Rounds. When adding a new course code to your CAO application, you must remember to list your chosen courses in order of preference. You may not re-order your original course choices, but you can add an ‘Available Places’ course to your existing list.

Available Places are also available to students who are not already registered with the CAO. You can create an account and make an application for Available Places for a fee of €45 to be paid to the CAO.

What are the minimum entry requirements for a course at Griffith College?

The minimum entry requirements for a Level 8 course at Griffith College are two H5s and four O6/H7s. For some courses, you need to have an O6/H7/F2 in Maths and for the Level 8 Design courses you must submit a portfolio. The minimum entry requirements for a Level 7 course at Griffith College are five O6/H7s and again some courses require an O6/H7/F2 in Maths. You can find a full list of our courses and their specific entry requirements on our CAO Hub alongside other helpful information for school leavers and college applicants.

How do I find out more about studying at Griffith College?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our courses, our entry requirements, or the ‘Available Places’ option. Email us at '[email protected]'. We would be delighted to hear from you and happy to help!

Wishing you all the very best with your decision-making and your continuing path to success.

You've got this!

Griffith College