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Do you want a big future from a small college?

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The right college will set you up with a solid education, an exciting new career and friends for life. Whoa. You better choose well, right?  Find out why going to a smaller college might be the best decision for you.

A big life decision 

Choosing the college you’ll go to is a big life decision. You want a big, bright, exciting future. Your career path depends on selecting the right course in the right location and getting the right kind of qualification. It’s mega important to choose wisely. 

Your future college is also where you’ll make new friends, learn new things and really challenge yourself and broaden your horizons. You’ll explore a new city and learn a whole bunch of grown up stuff like managing bills and dealing with landlords.

Small is beautiful

With so much life change coming your way and so much riding on the decision, selecting a smaller college may help you deal better with the transition to college life. Some people are overwhelmed by going to a massive college with tens of thousands of students and a huge campus to navigate. 

In a smaller college, there will be a greater sense of community. You will be able to get to know your way around campus and the surrounding city quicker, you’ll find it easier to make and meet up with friends. Socialising will be so much simpler because you’ll literally be “mates adjacent” …. no Google Maps needed to find your way around!

More attention from lecturers 

With smaller class sizes guaranteed at a smaller college, you’ll benefit from more one to one interaction with lecturers. You will have more opportunities to ask questions, get feedback and really develop your skills and knowledge. 

You’ll have more time for learning practical skills as there won’t be as many other students who “have to have their turn” - this means you’ll have more time learning how to use equipment and refine your skills - this gives you a natural advantage in the workplace.

Not just another face in the crowd 

Your lecturer will legit know who you are. You won’t just be another face in the massive crowd in a massive lecture theatre. They will have more time to spend with each student and you will learn more by getting that personal attention.

As your lecturers get to know you, they’ll be more invested in seeing you succeed - they will go the extra mile with your education and provide more of the one-to-one support you need. After college, they will be more likely to give you good references for your CV or pass on news about job opportunities if they know your abilities and can personally recommend you.

Likewise with your classmates, a smaller college brings networking advantages. After graduation, you’ll already know many people in your chosen field and you can support and advise each other as you start your working life. You’ll have a ready made network of business contacts, simply because you built up a strong connection in your college days.

Is Griffith the right small college for you?

Take a look around the Griffith College Dublin campus. We have a huge variety of courses available and proudly welcome 7,000 students across 3 campuses in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. 

We are small but perfectly formed, the college was established over 40 years ago so we have a long, proud history of educating some fantastic award winning graduates. We also welcome over 1,400 international students from 77 countries so despite our size we have a really vibrant, multicultural community that is learning and growing every day! 

Come join the small college with a big future :)

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