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“Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage”

- Henry Ford, 1926

Supply Chain Management is big business. In the USA almost 10% of GDP is spent on supply chain activities. That’s over one and a half trillion dollars!  Efficient supply chain management can be a source of competitive advantage in an increasingly global economy.

Finding ways to economise during the last economic downturn as led many local and multi-national businesses to review their supply chain function and invest in improving the quality and delivery of their product to their client, and in turn also reducing costs.

Key Characteristics Of The Current Supply Chain Sector

Skillful & Effective

Quick Response & Speed

Reliability & Certainty

Collaboration & Effective Partnering – vital in supply chains

Supply Chain Managers in Demand

A study by the National Skills Bulletin published in July 2014, found evidence of a shortage of multilingual supply chain and logistics managers and clerks. The demand is for experienced individuals, with IT skills, forecasting skills, familiarity with materials requirements planning (MRP), and master production scheduling (MPS), enterprise resource planning, global team management, etc.

According to the report the Irish transport sector is expected to grow above average in the medium term. As an enabler of movement of goods nationally and internationally, the transport sector will benefit from the expansion in the exporting and domestically traded sectors of the Irish economy. Job creation is illustrated in recent developments such as the SEKO MedTec/Sutherland Global Logistics announcement in February to establish a European Control Centre in Galway.

In recent years Ireland has developed a globally significant pharmaceutical and biopharma sector with eight of the top ten leading multinational companies in the world having a presence in Ireland and accounting for over 50% of the total Irish exports. Supply chain excellence is central to the success of the Irish pharmaceutical sector and these global companies are looking for qualified supply chain professionals who can offer fast, flexible and innovative supply solutions on a long-term basis. 

Recruiters in the supply chain sector have also reported a demand for qualified supply chain managers who have the specialist knowledge to meet the needs of a fast-changing industry. So whether you’re looking to start your supply chain career or are already working in the industry now is an ideal time to consider a supply chain and procurement qualification.

In particular, if you’re already working in the sector it’s essential to keep abreast of the latest strategic procurement practices, new technologies and innovations, and gain a broad, holistic view of the complete process. The ‘technical intelligence’ of logistics is becoming increasingly complex and supply chain managers need to respond to these changes.

Study Supply Chain Management & Procurement at Griffith

Griffith College’s Graduate Business School have launched a new MSc in International Procurement and Supply Management programme. Students can either study full-time for 1 year or choose the part-time 2-year option.

MSc Start Dates: 26th January 2015 and 21st September 2015

Find Out More At The GBS Open Evening: 6.30 – 8.00pm, Wednesday 26 November 2014

If you are interested in learning more about a career in Supply Chain and Procurement then visit Griffith College’s Graduate Business School Open Evening on Wednesday 26 November 6.30 – 8.00pm.

You will hear from leading supply management industry professionals about the sector in Ireland and how the MSc in International Procurement and Supply Management can enhance your skills and give you an insight into the latest best practice in supply chain.

Industry Professionals Attending The Open Evening: 

Anne Stewart, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Governance at Symantec Corporation

Declan Dullaghan, Eaton Industries Ireland

John Byrne, Bull Ireland

Aine McManus, Head of Griffith Graduate Business School and MSc in International Procurement and Supply Management programme Lecturing Team

Read testimonials from GBS graduates.

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What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management comprises all transport and storage of raw materials, inventory and finished goods from their point of origin to the point of consumption – this includes sourcing and procurement, conversion and all logistics activities.  Smooth coordination in terms of all channel partners (so suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers and customers), is central to an efficient supply chain. 

What Is Procurement?

Procurement encompasses purchasing, materials management, logistics, supply chain management and strategic sourcing (IFPSM). This can include sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide and bringing them into the organization to facilitate the production of goods for customers. It can also involve sourcing activities such as market research, vendor evaluation and negotiation of contracts.

Written by Lydia Casey