Everything You Need To Know About Springboard+ 2024 | Free and Funded Courses

Springboard+ 2023

What is Springboard+?

Springboard+ is a Government Initiative that provides free or 90% funded higher education. If unemployed, courses are completely free, and if employed, the applicant pays 10% of the course fees. Springboard+ courses are perfect for people who want to upskill, reskill or would like to get back into the workforce, but need certain qualifications or academic achievements first. The programmes that are supported under the Springboard+ initiative are industry-led.

Are Springboard+ courses free?

Springboard+ courses are free for those who are unemployed and seeking employment. 

Level 6 programmes are 100% funded.

Springboard+ courses are 90% funded for the employed.

Am I eligible for Springboard+?

To be eligible for a free Springboard+ course, you must be unemployed, or actively seeking work. If you are employed, you must pay 10% of Level 7, 8, and 9 Springboard+ course fees. To learn more about eligibility, click here.

How do I apply?

Looking to apply for a Springboard+ course? Peruse this year’s Springboard+ courses offered at Griffith to find the right course for you. Then, all you need to do is select “Apply” and follow the links to the relevant Springboard+ web page to apply. Applications are now open.

When do Springboard+ courses start?

Springboard+ programmes offered in Griffith College commence in February 2024.

What courses are included in Springboard+ at Griffith for 2024?

This year, Griffith is offering five Springboard+ courses. 

  1. Certificate in Music Production for Games - Level 6
  2. Certificate in Digital Sales Transformation - Level 7
  3. Bachelor in Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering - Level 7

These courses are offered through a variety of study modes and campuses.