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Four reasons to consider a semester abroad

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Did you know that students at Griffith College can take advantage of the opportunity to study around the world? Students on certain programmes may have the option of spending a semester studying in another country

Study abroad is currently open to students on the following courses:

Students wishing to study abroad should discuss their plans with their Academic Advisor at the earliest opportunity.

Why study abroad? There are plenty of good reasons:

Improve language skills

There’s nothing like dropping into a foreign country for a few months to get better at speaking the language. Computing and Business students can head off to France and brush up on francais – Business students can also work on their deutsch in Landshut, Germany. Adventurous Journalism students might take a trip to Volda, Norway and learn how to speak to reindeer in their native tongue, or those looking for a bit more sun can say hola to Madrid, Spain.

Gain more independence

Going to college is a good start on the road to independent adulthood, but why not take it up a notch by heading to the other side of the world? In countries like Australia and the United States, you’ll find yourself sorting out new currencies and unfamiliar jargon, and there’s no way you can pack three months’ worth of underwear – time to sort out how to do the washing at last!

See the world

Many students who study abroad use it as an opportunity to see places they might never have reached otherwise. Whether you’re in New York and head to New Orleans or Chicago for a weekend, or take a trip to visit some villages outside Vienna, you’ll gain an understanding of just how wide the world is. You’ll also get to see your home away from home in a completely different way to if you had just visited on holiday – you’ll find out where the best coffee is, and how to avoid crowds of tourists.

It looks good on a CV

Regardless of what your plans are after you finish your undergraduate degree, a semester spent in another country will indicate to prospective employers, or postgraduate admissions committees, that you’re the sort of person they want to have around. Study abroad shows that you’re independent and motivated, and that you go after what you want.

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