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Griffith College and Pat Divilly Confront Comfort Zones

5 min

“Sometimes a routine is a rut in disguise”, Pat Divilly.

Routine is comfortable. Why would you want to leave it? We’ve teamed up with Pat Divilly to explore the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new, like enrolling in a course.

The Reality

Something new doesn’t always have to be something overwhelming. If you’re a working professional who’s trying to juggle ‘adulting’, we tend to create habits.

Lifelong Learning at Griffith College

At Griffith College, you can maintain everyday life as well as injecting something new into it. Why not try a course? At Griffith, there are over 170 to choose from with a huge collection of part-time, evening and blended learning courses. This allows daily routine to continue its natural flow, while introducing something shiny and new into your life!