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Griffith College and Pat Divilly Explore 2019 Education Possibilities

Griffith College and Pat Divilly Explore 2019 Education Possibilities
3 min

What does 2019 have in store for you? Have you considered enrolling at Griffith College?

We have more choice than ever before. This includes everything from education and job opportunities to friends and dating. Sometimes there’s too much choice and it leads to us procrastinating or failing to see the choices that could be good for us. Are you hoping to upskill but concerned about juggling everyday life and study? Set those worries aside, as Griffith College offers a variety of courses from part-time to short time and undergraduate and postgraduate.

Take a Step Back and Focus on What's Best For You

We’ve teamed up with Pat Divilly to dissect the possibilities that lie in 2019. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on you!

“We live in a busy world with a lot going on around us, we can be easily distracted”, Pat says in his mindful session.

Pat asks more in-depth questions that will help us determine what we should consider for 2019.  “What would have to happen in 2019 for me to consider it a successful year?”

What's Your 2019 Priority?

Looking at 2019, Pat has a number of particular areas he will et his focus on; fitness, food, education and meditation.

See Pat’ insights in full, below.