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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations – Meet Meghan Brennan

Have you met Meghan? If you’ve yet to meet our Digital Marketing whizz then you’re in for a treat!

Meghan’s role is nearly as versatile as her array of talents – from html to historic references, Meghan has shared much more than just information and communication technology with us since she started. Meghan is the friendliest fountain of knowledge and we’re delighted to have her onboard. Here she tells us more about her role and her thoughts on life at Griffith.

My role sits between IT and Marketing, and I love bridging that gap between the technical side and the more people-focused side. Sometimes it feels like translating between two languages! I enjoy it, though; explaining how things work is a great way to make sure I understand it fully myself.

The best part of the Griffith experience?

How friendly everyone is! It’s not that large a community, so everyone is really lovely to each other.

Originally from the United States, Meghan has been living in Ireland for a number of years now, exploring education, culture, and travel. After completing her Masters in Dublin, Meghan arrived to Griffith. Operating between the I.T. and Marketing Department means Meghan is an absolutely invaluable member of staff who works with nearly every faculty across all four campuses. Her past experiences have helped with her many competencies and abilities to work on massive solo and team projects at Griffith. She explains a bit more here:

One of my first managers in my first real job was a woman who met me as an intern. She helped me with interview prep, and when I didn’t get the job, she recruited me for a role on her team. She demanded a lot of hard work, but also gave me the freedom to pursue projects that interested me. The department was reorganized less than a year later, and I moved to a new team, but I learned so much in those months.

Don’t hold back because you think you’re new or not knowledgeable enough or worried people might dismiss you. Have faith in your own ideas – they might be brilliant, and even if they don't work, you’ll learn something from the experience.

To close, Meghan shared a great quote with us:

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” - Shirley Chisholm, the first woman to run for President of the United States.

Meghan, we wish you a Happy International Women’s Day on March 8th from all of us at Griffith. It’s a privilege to have you working here and you’ll always have a seat at our table!