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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations - Meet Alejandra Vila Rodo

A Celebration of the Women of Griffith College for International Women's Day
2 min

Life at Griffith College

Meet Alejandra, a Bolivian lawyer living in Ireland who will soon complete her Masters in International Law and Business. Alejandra absolutely exudes positivity and friendliness: she is always a joy for staff members and such a delight to see around campus. Alejandra shares her reason behind pursuing the programme and how she found life at Griffith.

One of the goals in my profession as an international lawyer was to master the legal area of this side of the world. I’ve also always been curious about learning about the exciting world of business which is an addendum to my career. With the Masters in International Law and Business, I not only learnt the legal side but have also enriched my resume with business knowledge.

Alejandra and the Graduate Business School 

Alejandra considers the guidance of Head of the Graduate Business School, Áine Mc Manus, who provided mentorship throughout her studies, as a most cherished part of her time here.

I would say that Áine Mc Manus showed how important it is to have the characteristics of kindness and strength in both hands: she encouraged us all to persevere no matter how difficult it may be, and to continue even farther with our studies and in our careers. Miss Mc Manus also showed genuine care towards all students. She wanted to see each of us succeed.

These people always showed me such care and patience whenever I needed help with anything... Being away from home, this means a great deal.

Alejandra left so many wonderful lasting impressions from her time here, and we know she will go far in her next chapter. We wish Alejandra endless successes in her future and her great energy will always be welcome on campus!

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