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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations - Meet Mary Whitney

Mary Whitney

Have you ever visited our Graduate Business School? Then you'll likely have encountered the fantastic Mary Whitney.

Mary’s primary role involves guidance of the more than 200 learners of GBS through their academic careers at Griffith. She is constantly deemed a faculty favourite because of her stellar attention to detail, her genuine care for our learners, and –amongst other things - the wonderful Whitney smile. We've asked Mary to share some insights with us in the lead up to International Women's Day. 

The best part of the Griffith experience

I particularly like the Entrepreneurial Innovation module on the MSc International Business programme that includes a Business Simulation game.  This is learning in action- learning business by doing business.  I believe it reaches a cohort of learners who learn better by applying new learnings in a practical way.

Griffith offer a bespoke service, and caters to the individual needs of the learner. In GBS, we aim to provide a quality and holistic service to our learners and are keen to receive feedback to improve processes and the overall learner experience.

“Practice kindness”

My mother is someone I admire greatly. Her one piece of advice that always stands out is:

You put the price on your own head”.

You set the  standards and boundaries of how you relate to other people and how they relate to you. It’s something that I consistently refer back to.

I also like this quote from Maya Angelou,

"I've learned that people will forget what you said,  people will forget what you did,  but people will never forget how  you made them feel."

 It reminds to practice kindness as often as I can. 

 Whether you meet Mary on your first day at induction, liaise with her throughout the entirety of your studies here, or encounter her on your last day on graduation, it's guaranteed that your Griffith experience will be enriched by meeting her!

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