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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations - Meet Raquelline Curvelo

Raquelline Curvelo

Recent Graduate Raquelline Curvelo (affectionately known as Rakky) was kind enough to share some of the highpoints of her Masters Studies at Griffith.

A journalist whose fluent English was entirely self-taught, Rakky was a faculty favourite and beloved classmate during her time here. Rakky is an impressive character –she received a full scholarship for her Bachelor’s in Journalism and her work was chosen as one of the best pieces of the year at the Griffith College Creative Show 2018. 

Programme Director for the MSc in Applied Digital Media, Ruairí Murphy, described Rakky's contributions:

Raquelline was my favourite type of student - passionate. For me, that’s the thing I look for in people - that they have a passion for what they do. That drives them and comes through in their work. She produced some really great, creative things for us, and livened up the classroom with her input.

Rakky was kind enough to share the many and varied reasons why she enjoyed her studies with us:

Why did you choose this programme?

As a Journalist, I always had a passion for communication. I was trying for some time to find a Masters Programme which could sharpen my Marketing and Communications skills, and also present new ways to challenge myself. Technology was always one of my passions, so I was also researching programmes which offered something in that field. I couldn't have been more amazed when I finally found the Masters in Applied Digital Media – it offered such a fantastic mix of all the things that I was looking for in a course. It was love at the first sight!

The best part of the Griffith experience?

To be totally honest, I can't think of a single one. The experience of studying in an international college, making friends from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, getting to know the lovely staff, and knowing that I could always count on them for every doubt or concern, but also the feeling of being in a building so full of history and that looks like a castle (that may sound silly? Doesn't matter, I loved it!), full of the most modern equipment and the most highly qualified lecturers… well, it was an amazing year and I'm really glad I made it to the end.

How did you find the lecture team?

Tanya Doyle was an inspiration and a support from my first class with her. It was amazing to watch her explaining her passion for video production – how to capture those tiny little pieces of life, transforming them into an audio-visual piece of art. Gemma Derry also comes to mind because she taught analytical skills through sharing her passion for coding and a well-structured process of creating back-end pages and clear interaction with users throughout websites.

Both of them believed in my potential and gave me all the support that I need during the time that I was studying with them and also become great examples when I think of the kind of professional that I want to be.

Rakky, with a portfolio and personality as dazzling as yours we’ve no doubt that you’ll excel in your next chapter and we wish you every success!

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