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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations - Meet Suzanna Doyle

At Griffith we’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of every aspect of your academic journey – from the moment you submit an application to the day you receive your graduation parchment and become part of the alumni community. One of the stellar people you’ll meet on the pathway to paving your future is the magnificent Suzanna Doyle.

Suzanna is our Alumni Officer. Her role includes promoting professional and personal networking for alumni, pairing you with a suitable mentor to assist you in advancing your career, and posting recent and relevant job and internship postings on the Griffith Alumni Network. She also hosts our Alumni Events – keep an eye out for the next upcoming event to reconnect with your classmates and faculty!

Suzanna has kindly shared some insights on her role with us.

The most enjoyable parts of this role

It’s a great pleasure to get a sense that the work I’m doing can sometimes help people. When I hear that an alumna got a job that we had posted on the Griffith Alumni Network I revel in her success. When a recent graduate tells me that he’s had the most amazing connection with his mentor and that the mentor says the same thing about the recent graduate, I feel overjoyed. To me this alumni role is about trying to create a supportive community that will help each other throughout their lives.

Advice for every chapter of life

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve really tried to take this to heart over the past year both professionally and personally. It started with some fun zipping through the tree canopy for my birthday, continued with speaking on a panel at an alumni conference, and stays with me every Wednesday morning when I take to the cold Irish water for a sea swim with friends. If anyone wants my advice on taking the first step, as my sea swimming friend said, “Don’t think about it and just get in!”

Suzanna, you are treasured colleague to all and wonderful guide to our graduates. Thank you for continuing to light the way for alumni and lighting up every room at Griffith with your presence!

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